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Metallica Through the Never Blu Ray

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  • sbdman
    Thanks for the review jaymind. Just added that movie to my queue.

    Great to hear one of the first user reviews of the Theater-10, the are very tempting.

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  • jaymind
    started a topic Metallica Through the Never Blu Ray

    Metallica Through the Never Blu Ray

    My wife, and I to a lesser extent, are huge Metallica fans so buying the newly released Through the Never blue ray was a no brained. I wasn't sure what to expect since I have never bought a concert blue ray before even though this is more of a concert/movie experience.

    After watching it last night this is a must buy for Metallica fans and all bass heads out there! The sound quality, in either 2.0 or 5.1 DTS HD is amazing. And the bass is something else. Not terribly low but kick like you wouldn't believe! It was like getting punched in the chest for 90 minutes! Great sound, great video quality - well worth the buy.

    I don't think my 2x18.2 (MQ600) have been pushed so hard since I've had them. That includes ridiculous bass in Pacific Rim. I had to turn down the bass at one point because it it was shaking the crap out of my projector and physically hurting my head! Like I said, not low bass really but kick like I have never felt before. I really feel like this blue ray has shown the sound quality and potential of chase subs. great SPL and great sound quality.

    Another area that really shined was the quality, sound stage,and live feeling my Theater 10's (LCR) were able to produce. My wife and I were amazed, as we have been all week, with what we are hearing from the Theater 10's versus my Rocket 850's. They really made it seem like we were at the concert itself (we have been at Alpine Valley).

    Between the dual 18.2's and Theater 10's we were able to push the SPL was ridiculous! At -10 on my R972 no less.

    My recommendation is just to buy it and enjoy it. Its one to really push your whole system.