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Need some input on preinstalled ceiling speakers

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  • Need some input on preinstalled ceiling speakers

    While up at my parents for Christmas, I spent a considerable amount of time setting up the downstairs HT, and the upstairs 2 channel setup. They moved about two months ago into a new home, and chasing down what the builder and previous owner has done is challenging at best. This home is right at about seven years old.

    The house has speakers several speakers throughout, two in the kitchen, four in the dining room (up about thirty feet, perimeter mounted around a concave ceiling), two on the deck and two in the master bathroom. The two on the deck and master bath have volume controls with them in a two gang size box. I'm guessing these volume knobs are a convenience for managing whether or not you want sound in those areas or not. In one of the laundry room cabinets there is a two gang box with I believe just a right and left speaker connections. How would one go about selecting a unit to power these with? Given these where 8 ohm speakers, 10 of them in parallel would represent .8 ohms. In contrast series wiring would have the opposite effect. So it would seem that a combination of series and parallel wiring would be most effective here, wouldn't it?

    Can anyone offer any insight as to selecting a proper amp for this? There is not much room for a system in the cabinet, in fact it seems perfectly sized for a micro system, but I'd rather get some opinions prior to doing anything, as I'm concerned I may fry something.
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