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  • Cutting cable...suggestions

    I am helping some friends cut cable costs - They have the full package from comcast(internet/cable/phone)

    The place they moved into has internet included.

    Is Tivo the only option for DVR capabilities if they are non techie(HTPC not an option)?

    VOIP - I have Ooma service and have no complaints. The one requirement here is International calling for them as they are from Scotland so they call home probably once a week. Is Vonage the best option?



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    Sorry to say I'm not going to be any help here, but it is good to see you are happy with Ooma. I pretty much narrowed down to this after a good deal of reading. I like the fact you can use your existing phones, and transfer your number.
    Coach Pat Summitt - Folding at Home


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      Just curious as to what you ended up doing here. Looks like TiVo is moving away from hardware based solutions in favor of a cloud based one. At least from what I'm reading.

      I picked up a Ooma after Christmas BTW, rolled my line over for free with a discounted year of premier service. Works great, I would strongly suggest it to anyone looking for a replacement land line solution.
      Coach Pat Summitt - Folding at Home


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        Stick with it.

        If you're doing well with it then stick it.