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    Hey all,

    I just thought I would share some of my thoughts of see MK Theater’s set up at his house.
    First let me say that MK is a very nice guy and very knowledgable. There are many things that go into making a nice home theater. Obviously a good set of speakers and subs powered properly but something I learned while at his house is room set up... His room has to be the most flat room I have ever been in. Any sound in his room comes from his gear. I am not taking anything away from his gear at all... The bass in that room is unreal. His whole wall is nothing but subs and speakers hidden behind his projector screen. I am sure that MK can explain his gear better than I. I can explain what I felt. Absolute gobs of bass (I could feel the bass flow through my whole being-- hair on my arms and legs, bones, organs) the bass was not only felt but also had texture to it. As for the other frequencies... they were all present as well and crystal clear. Some of the scenes at reference where a little too much for my ears (I have a little bit on tinnitus from my car stereo days).... All of this and his set up was not completely dialed in. I also threw in a techno disk but MK’s son was not feeling well and was a little upset from the movie demo as the whole house must have been I didn’t turn it up to loud. I know that I have to work on my setup in my room as it is a lot more lively than MK’s. I also want to get a umik-1 to take measurements also. My ears can only tell me so much...

    Thanks to MK for the invite and I will definitely have to visit again when I have more time as he is only an hour away from me..

    D rock out

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    Meeting MKtheater at Craig's GTG was quite an impression. He is a motivated and exciting guy to talk to about anything audio. He seems energetic and knowledgeable about movies (the good action, adventure, sci-fi ones), and just has so much experience with different equipment.

    What really surprises me about him is his tolerance of those that will give him all forms of grief and put downs, and somehow he can prod them to reveal whatever nugget of information he's searching for at the moment. He's great at discussing his views without being swayed by having a view that a few question as being unpopular at the time. A true audiophile!

    He's in my bucket list of theaters I'd like to hear/see - sounds like a memorable experience.


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      MK does love the hobby. The amount of abuse he has taken in certain quarters is completely unwarranted. He is pretty neutral, in terms of his approach to the hobby.

      The only area in which MK is "lacking" is in the appearance of the speakers in his room.

      He gets speakers strictly for sound. He does not care if they are big, ugly, finished or raw.

      When I say "lacking", it is not criticism - I just could not think of a better word. His speakers are hidden behind the screen, so appearance is not an issue.

      We are talking about having a larger GTG at his place, and having me bring three Theater-10's to run in the front stage. As his new IB Subwoofer system is capable of delivering in excess of 120 dB from 10 Hz and up, this would be quite the test for the Theater-10's.


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        Thanks guys! Drock forgot to mention my little surrounds. They are actually bigger than most mains because they are horn loaded 10's. After the demo I thought some vocals were hard to hear from my seat which is usually never the case. I measured the system and it had a 10 dBs null at 1.25 kHz and a 10 dBs peak at 3 kHz. The highs were not rolled off either. So I EQ'd them and took a listen and everything is smooth again. The levels were off as well so we could have been over reference. One more thing, I can hit over 130 dBs from the LFE but I always blend everything so I should not matter unless I try to reach the limits.


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          I humbly stand corrected ... 130 dB. :woo:


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            During the demo of FOTP the bass knocked my AVR plug out of the wall!


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              MK - You are my kind of loony. At our GTG last week, I was standing in the back of the room, seeing 112 dB peaks on the Rad Shack meter during the movie scenes.

              MK's thinking?

              "It's not that loud"


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                It's the bass that hits loud. The movies used were not bass monsters so it would have hit 118 dBs during FOTP. I hit over because I run the bass hot.


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                  There is also the issue that our upstairs room will not work well with extreme volumes like yours will.

                  As you noticed, our basement theater is far superior for hitting hard - most basements are.


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                    The concrete surrounding walls contain the bass for the summation and pressure but the treatments make the sound flat. Your basement with its very thick carpet and I think drop ceiling makes the difference for a nice sound. The room upstairs is fine but if you crank the bass their are things that you can rattle and break and then Sue will step in! I am waiting for the day when I break something and get told to turn everything down. My upstairs bathroom has several cracked pieces of marble.


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                      FOTP - Farce of the Penguins?




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                          I am having trouble setting up the new Denon 4311ci and getting the fronts to sound right. Surrounds are great, but front L, R, and C are not even close. There are so many settings on the 4311 and I am not sure what they all do and their benefits...??? I am going to spend more time trying to set it up properly... I am using Dyn EQ daytime and have run Audessy xt32 several times with mixed results.

                          Uggh... more work to be done...


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                            What you heard at my house was the auto EQ. It had not a flat response and the crossovers were 90, 100, and 200 for fronts and surrounds. I changed it to 80 hz and EQ'd to a house curve with the 100hz 5 dBs higher than 10khz. Much smoother, more feel, and more Midbass. Tweaking is lots of work but worth it.


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                              I am finding out that the more I read the less I know or at least thought I knew