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GTG Photo and Comment Thread.

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  • GTG Photo and Comment Thread.

    Here are the first few photos from the GTG.
    We have:
    1) MKTheater (James)
    2) Susan (Mk's aunt), Craig, MK, Shooter (Asim)
    3) Umar, D12d (Doug)
    4) Susan
    5) Craig
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    And some more:
    Blind test setup for Fusion 10 vs Theater 10s in the upstairs theater.
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      And some more:
      1) D12d and Craig.
      2) MkTheater amd Shooter.
      3) Sbdman (Steve).
      4) D12d.
      5) Mktheater and D12d.
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        Arx 5 is the tower speaker.
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          And still more:
          1) M-1
          2) Fusion 10 and Theater 10
          3) Craig
          4) New vented 18
          5) Vented 8,Theater 10, Fusion 10
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            Great pics! Very interesting to put faces to the names! MK is revealed LOL

            That new vented 18 has definilty got my interest peaked! Looking forward to impressions of it and pricing.


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              Hey guys - Everyone has left. It was a fantastic time. Here are the basics, and the participants are going to post what they observed on their own. We did the following:

              1. A blind test between the Fusion-10 Pure and the Theater-10. For this we did about 45 minutes using Audyssey XT-32. Scenes were from Iron Man 2, Avatar and Open Range.

              2. After the blind test, we did a sighted test on both sets of speakers with Despicable Me - and for this Audyssey was turned off, as were the back speakers.

              These two tests took from noon until 3:30.

              3. We then (after eating) did some listening to the Arx A5's, Salk Songtowers and the Theater - 10's in our basement theater. Suddenly it was 8 o'clock.

              The attendees were a LOT of fun, and I think it was an informative day. Most are driving, so it may be tomorrow before there is much reported.


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                The drive home...

                Warp speed! Thank you for your gracious hospitality. I had a great time.
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                  Just got to the hotel after the GTG today, and must say it was well worth the drive, Craig and his lovely wife and family were very gracious for a bunch of demanding hobbyist. They provided a beautiful setting to show 5 sets of speakers in two theaters, and a great meal and drinks for all.

                  It was so fun to meet fellow members, and especially MKtheater who has a huge amount of testing and evaluation of all things HT. Everyone was a ball to meet, I could have used some name tags, but that's me. And thanks to Fatcat to take the extra time to document the meet with pictures. To see guys that are as interested in this audio mania as I am was some of the most fun I've had.

                  I'll post tomorrow when I get home my impressions, but just to hint - it did not meet the expectations I had coming into the audition.


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                    Nice job on the pictures Carlo! I thought for sure there would be a picture of Texas or Dixie...LOL...
                    I can’t wait for impressions. Craig and his family are always top notch as far as hosts go.
                    Safe travels everyone!!

                    D rock out


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                      Thanks as always to Craig and his wife Susan for being such gracious hosts and opening up their house to us! This is the third GTG at Craig's that I've been able to attend and both he and Susan always go out of their way to make sure that everyone has fun. Besides the chance to listen to some cool stuff, it's neat to be able to meet the some of the other fellow forum members and share stories and experiences with them. It's just funny to me how we are such a diverse bunch of individuals and yet we are all tied together by this crazy hobby and the joy that it brings us. I mean who the heck knew that James (MKTheater), a guy I only associate with subwoofers and HT, is a chiropractor in real life?! Meeting Umar and Asim (Shooter) was a blast. Two guys who were fun to be around and were obviously passionate about good sound. Same goes for Sbdman and D12d. Both of them had great observations and asked informed questions during the blind test sessions. It's feels good to be part of such a group of interested hobbyists. No one took themselves too seriously and there was a lot of laughing and commeraderie. The folks who had to cancel due to various issues were sorely missed. Hopefully we can all do this again sooner rather later...if Craig and Susan aren't too sick of us yet! :)
                      I'm back in my motel room and I just want to get a few more impressions down while they were fresh in my mind:

                      Blind test of Theater 10s vs Fusion 10s: MKTheater brought three Fusion 10s over the night before. They had been assembled from a flat pack kit so they had a raw MDF surface appearance. Regardless, they looked impressive physically and the waveguide for the compression driver looks plenty serious. Craig had set up both sets of speakers under large swaths of black grille cloth so that we couldn't tell which set was playing. All we knew was that we were going to watch/listen to 3 sets of movie clips with "Speakers A". We would then all leave the room while Craig set up "Speakers B" and then we would come back in to watch/listen to the same three clips and then jot down our impressions. Once we did that and discussed our thoughts Craig did the reveal of which speakers were "A" and "B". Both sets of speakers were calibrated with Audessy XT32 between listening sessions. All the attendees should feel free to chime in and add their thoughts but my personal opinion was that I felt "Speakers B" sounded superior. I thought they were more dynamic sounding, they had more sparkle in high frequencies versus "speakers A" which sounded a little flat to my ears. When we heard "speakers B" it was like someone had pushed the "loudness" button and there was more happening way up high and way down low while the mids sounded the same while not being overpowered by the rest of the spectrum. After our session it was revealed that "Speakers B" we're the Theater 10s. I got the impression that most other folks felt the same way in their comments as well. After the blind portion we listened to each set again with Audessy turned off to see how they were "as is" and unequalized. Personally I still felt the Theater 10s were the better sounding speaker still. Again, other attendees should please chime in and post their thoughts.
                      I'm going to turn in for the night and post some more thoughts in the morning.

                      Night all!


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                        Sorry guys, still fighting winter storms on the road! I still have an hour of driving left! I will comment tomorrow or Monday.

                        A big thanks to Craig and Sue for being great hosts.


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                          Great pics and sound like you guys had a good time. Looking forward to reading more impressions shortly. :D


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                            MK - Thank you again for bringing the Fusion 10 Pure to the GTG.

                            MK was the "group leader" yesterday, in terms of the speaker set ups. After we did the blind test using Audyssey from the Marantz 7008, It was MK's idea to run both speakers without any signal processing in our theater room.

                            Later, when the panel was comparing the Salk Songtowers and Arx A-5's, MK came up with the idea to bring the Theater-10's into our basement.

                            As the panel noticed, our basement theater is the place for high end listening. If one looks at reviews back in the 2002-2008 time period, it was this room that I tested Infinity IRS-Sigma, Energy's top of the line, Paradigm Studio 100, Onix Ref 3's, Salk Songtowers, Ascend Sierras ... etc .. etc ... etc ...

                            SO ... after giving MK a dirty look, knowing I had to pull the NAD 785 HD out of the rack, strip the ends of the Speakon cable, and wire up the Theater-10's, PLUS drag two 50 pound stands into the room to place the speakers on ... (He actually was almost feeling sorry for all the work), we fired up the Theater 10's in the same spot the Songtowers and A5's were auditioned.

                            This was probably the toughest test of the day for the Theater 10's, and we all owe MK an "atta boy" for making this happen.

                            The panel - Doug, Asim, Steve, Omar (Umar), Susan, Carlo and MK put a lot of effort into this. For me, the day was pretty much a blur.

                            Thanks again to everyone for your efforts. I am looking forward to reading all your impressions, so I will leave it at this:

                            A lot of time was spent making the Theater 10's into a worthy SHO-10 replacement in both sound quality AND build quality.

                            The panel of listeners from yesterday can let us all know if they think we did a good job. :salute:


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                              Sounds like a fun and informative weekend. Did Carlo get the chance to play any of the techno I sent?
                              As for me.... I am currently looking online for a new projector lamp as mine just went:mad::mad::mad:

                              Figures. I finally have some time to kill and I can’t enjoy my setup..

                              D rock out