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A shocking reminder

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  • A shocking reminder

    After getting an X-Voce recently from the recent b-stock sale I needed an extra cable to hook it up.

    So I made a hasty stop at a local hi-fi shop, Van L. speakerworks here in Chicago to get a few feet of some Kimber 8VS. While there, John, the owner wanted to show off the latest version of his own Quartet speaker.

    Backed up by around $20K of Cary tube gear he played an accoustic track that 2 seconds in I just knew smoked everything I owned! :eek:

    Granted the room also had a ton of various accoustical treatments but still...

    When closing my eyes they sounded so close to live as to be scary! And even though they're only rated down to 45Hz I couldn't help looking for the sub as the bass seemed so full and room-filling without a hint of boominess.

    Dynamics were completely unrestrained and the presentation was virtually 3-dimensional.

    This isn't the first time I've heard one of his creations but I can easily say he knows his stuff.

    I just wanted to share this as it was a good/bad reminder. Just when I think I have a great stereo I am humbly reminded that it gets better.


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    Unfortunately close to me....I better not go visit :-)


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      Originally posted by the7comeback7kid
      Unfortunately close to me....I better not go visit :-)
      Oh just give it up, you can't resist. I'll be there this weekend and will probably get sucked into that room, again.



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        I used to be able to enjoy music on my $10 KOSS headphones. :mad: