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    This deserves it's own thread.
    First I'll copy over what I originally posted in the 3-channel HT amp thread:

    With respect to cooling I use this:

    plugged into my receiver's switched AC outlet.

    Although BuyExtras says each fan requires it's own variable voltage powerbrick (and that looks to be true if you are going to run the fans at full speed), I'm running two fans (just buy another 80mm Vantec Stealth fan separately) from one powerbrick using the 4.5V setting.

    I can't stress enough: Equipment cooling solutions have to be very specific in order to be successful. For instance, removing hot air from the top of an equipment cabinet is usually only a partial solution to equipment overheating.

    Best results are usually obtained by direct cooling of the electrical component generating heat. This is usually:
    1. The video card in an AVR.
    2. The output stage of a receiver or amp
    3. LSIC's
    4. Power supply components
    YOU have to find the heat generating area in your piece of equipment operating under load, and then figure out the best fan choice and placement to blow or draw more air over those internal components.

    In the above post I forgot to mention another popular option, placing a side-exhaust fan on top of equipment. This unit has been well reviewed at AVS:

    Of the other side-exhaust fans I researched, only this one (available from other vendors without the variable voltage power brick):

    did not have reported reliability/short life problems.

    I've found no reliability info on this side-exhaust product:

    And BuyExtras is certainly not the only cooling fan supplier for audio applications:
    Coolerguys premium-quality electronic, cabinet cooling fans and computer cooler solutions. Browse our cooling fans and quiet A/V cooling solutions online.

    is another, with: bridging into the huge computer cooling vendor list.

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    Originally posted by ggunnell
    With respect to cooling I use this:

    plugged into my receiver's switched AC outlet.
    This is the same thing as I did when I had an enclosed cabinet except I built it myself. Just buy a high quality, inexpensive Yate Loon PC fan and variable voltage power supply (or regular ps and add fan controller) and wire them together, takes about ten minutes.