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  • iStorm

    Some of us found a deal for some wireless 2-way speakers from a company called EdisonWatt's iStorm. These were supposed to be refurbs for $60, but new sold for $130.

    Well, I ordered some refurbs. They aren't, though. They're brand new, in box.

    Haven't tried the wireless portion of their feature set, but did hook them to my laptop running iTunes. Tough to really say anything untoward about them. Nice, shiny black cabinets that feel rather substantial.

    3" woof, 1" silk tweet. No grills, but no big deal.

    For $60, they sound really, really good. I wouldn't trade my Rockets for them, but for computer speakers, or office/bedroom speakers, they're great.

    I've certainly spent a lot more for iPod speakers, docks, and have heard a lot worse sound.

    Great buy!
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    you're welcome!...
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      Agree 100%
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        Originally posted by mobileusa
        you're welcome!...
        mobile....thanks. You're the one who turned us on to this deal.

        I did notice that my iphone hardly gets any volume when set in the top dock. Connected to my laptop, the sound is fine, though.

        Thinking about heading to the Apple store to get an Airport Express to do some wireless playing. Anyone try this with docking an iphone or ipod? Anyone use the airport express with it, yet?
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          yes and yes

          Yes! Thank you Mobileusa! I have opened my second pair (son stole the first) and am listening over the airport express. I bought a refurbished (and painted black) 802.11g model on ebay.

          It took forever for me to get my laptop to see it correctly in iTunes. Ended having to repair iTunes. `Very cool. I checked on my wife's vista laptop and my XP desltop and it works from there too.

          As far as volume from my iPhone. I found that the remote control volume seems to be separate from the phone. try turning up the volume from the remote. Mine gets plenty loud.