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Parrot Sings Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

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  • Parrot Sings Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

    One, nothing wrong with me. Two, nothing wrong with me. Three, nothing wrong with me. Four, nothing wrong with me.

    Something's got to give. Let the bodies hit the floor...


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    That's about the funniest video I think I've seen in a long long time. Also kinda the creepiest as well.

    My mom had lots of birds when I was growing up. A parrot or 2 as well. I think if I'd walked into the room with 1 of em singing that that would have been a highlight of my life. :D


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      Funny stuff. That parrot definitely has some range:D
      I came, I saw, I purchased.


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        "floooooooooor", that's great!
        Coach Pat Summitt - Folding at Home


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          That parrot is too funny!:applause:


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            I shaved my balls for this :salute:

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              Tesla Guitar Suit



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                Damn you Tess!!!!! When I saw that you had posted another youtube link up, you got my hopes up that you had found another great video of that bird singing another song. :biglaugh:

                That tesla video's really cool though. Thanks for the links! :D


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                  I thought I would post all my crazy stuff in one thread. Expect more. :biglaugh:


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                    Would be cool to make something like this.



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                      The music is perfect for the video.



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                        Saw that movie Samsara a few weeks ago. Didn't think it was as good as Baraka, but both are exquisitly beautiful visual works of art wit no plot. Great tests for your video device.


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                          Oh man, I'll have to get these.

                          "Photographed entirely in 70mm and transferred to 4K digital projection format"

                          "The only movie ever transferred with an 8K HD Scan"

                          Thanks for the tip, sbdman!


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                            If you have the Scuba Steve demo disc 2, (was removed some time ago), one of the visuals included in it was from one of the best parts of Baraka. It's a monk chant done at a Bali temple. It reminded me of the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, but with a very powerful and haunting spiritual rather than mechanical presentation. The vocals will last with you forever, more than any Gregorian chant.

                            Generally, Baraka is a spiritual display of cultures, Samsara is more of a earthly one. Trust me though, I'm giving away very little of the impact of both.

                            Thinking about the above clip, I ordered Baraka again from Netflix.