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Rant: Comcast sucks big ones!

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  • Rant: Comcast sucks big ones!

    My internet connection dropped last Friday, after being on hold for seemingly ever, I finally get in touch with a tier 1 tech that I can barely understand. I explain to her that being in the industry I have already done all the routine, reboot the modem, disconnect the modem from the router, and plug your computer directly into the modem, but yet she still wants to confirm things like my MAC address. What, does she think someone inside wrenched my account profile? Plus she wants this confirmation after she has told me she can see my modem, what! Then I go on to explain that this is not the first time this has happened, far from it in fact, and that it has always been to high of power signal that must be reduced at their node. Can you please check that? Mr. Trumen, we must schedule a site visit, the nearest appointment is NEXT SATURDAY! WTF! Okay, so what do I do, but accept it and move on. Anyway, I check my modem last night and sure enough the upstream level is at 54 with my downstream levels at -11 and -12. I take screen shots to send to them from work.

    I get to work this morning and call them to ask if they will look at the screen shots, which clearly show signaling issues, "we cannot accept screen shots sir". Well get in the current century! Then goes on to tell me I'm currently showing online, and it's a problem with my modem.


    Motorola, who happens to be able to look at screen shots BTW, tells me what I thought. Signal problems that Comcrap will have to address.

    Being this is the third time with this same problem, and just having a Spring and Summer of random drops, I was ready to pull the plug and switch to Knology, and upon searching for their customer satisfaction ratings found that they had sold to WOW out of Colorado. Anyone have any experience with either of these guys? A quick search doesn't show reassuring things about WOW. Judging from this, they must all suck!

    :doh! 1: :mad:

    /end rant!
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    I recently got WOW cable and internet in Columbus, OH. I am not sure if it is the same WOW or not but I have been satisfied. I get whole home dvr with 2 boxes with 15 mb internet for $100/month with price guaranteed till 2015.I previously have had Time Warner as well as Insight and so far WOW has been as good or better than those two.


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        Yep that's who I have. So far so good with them. It's only been a little over a month but so far nothing but positive things to say. Also let me know if you decide to go with them I can refer you and we both get $25 off.


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          In my area they are still DBA Knology, so I'm not sure that will work, but it never hurts to ask.

          Thanks for the input!
          Coach Pat Summitt - Folding at Home