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Fishing with grenades gone wrong

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  • Fishing with grenades gone wrong

    Not a snuff film.
    Some play hard to get, I play hard to want.

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    Years ago I set up a small fish collecting business in Tahiti. The guy (Jimmy) that got us the permits had a contract to lower coral rock pinnacles in Papeete harbor to increase clearance for large ships. They would pile a bunch of dynamite on the rock and blow it up. It would send a bunch of water up in the air but didn't do much to the coral rock. My partner at the time knew about underwater demolition and shape charges so he showed Jimmy how to do it correctly and in return Jimmy got us the permits for exporting. For a few days I helped set the charges which were 50 gallon drums with a thin sheet metal cone welded in the bottom. Early each morning we would load a boat with boxes of dynamite, cable, plungers, 50 gal drums, and lots of beer (which was already being consumed). I would help place the drum on the reef, fill it about half way with dynamite, place sand bags on top the dynamite and then fill the cone on the bottom with air from my regulator. The air in the cone would be less pressure/resistance than the sandbags and cause the force of the explosion down into the rock which caused it to crack off and fall into deeper water. Each pinnacles took about three drums to lower. One time after everything was set and the plunger was pushed, nothing happened. The guy in charge had to swim back and reset the wires. After he surfaced and started swimming back the guy with the plunger in his hand yells to him, "I hear you been sleeping with my wife!" Everyone got real quiet and then he started laughing. It was pretty funny at the time. Each day after setting off the charges we would gather up the dead fish that floated to the surface and take them to one of the hotels where they would cook them for us for lunch and where we continued our drinking.


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      Originally posted by 20nickels

      I came, I saw, I purchased.


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        hahaha, that is classic.