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    Anyone use this? We have a copper line from AT&T, but it keeps going up. Just this month basic phone service jumped $3. Our number is unlisted, and we have caller ID, but no long distance, etc., and $51 a month is a bit hard to stomach. I use my cell for pretty much everything, but my wife uses our land-line a lot so I need something that works the majority of the time.
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    Got a friend who uses it for work and loves it.


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      You make the second person that has told me their company uses it, and likes it. Their Terms and Conditions are what really concerns me, they "could" track your calling habits etc. etc....
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        Every company can track your calling habits.


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          That's true, and my post wasn't very clear about this.

          When I brought this up, my coworker became interested, and started digging into it to see what the catch was. He was reading this stuff off to me while I was working on something, and the things that caught his eye where:

          30 day free trail, after that you buy the equipment for $79.95 or return it.

          I believe he said the equipment doesn't have a warranty

          It's 19.95 a month IF you sign a five year contract, otherwise it's $29.95 per year

          There are fees for porting your old number, and something along the lines that they reserve the right to track your calling habits, and at the discretion of the company, we may use this information for marketing purposes, both internal and external, as well as reserve the right to share this information with third parties.
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