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  • Favorite "Tribute" Albums

    Last night I started re-organizing my music collection and was surprised at all the Tribute/Cover albums I own.
    So, I'll give you some quick ones:

    Deadicated one of my favorites all around.

    I Am Sam soundtrack another.

    Return of the Grievous Angel

    Johnny Cash's American recordings - I have them all!! (Unchained my favorite)

    Tangled Up In Blues - This Ain't No Tribute Album ('02 Reissue)

    And even some Dread Zeppelin!!!

    There are many more. I'll list all I have sometime Sunday:eyebrows:

    Now, my favorite cover songs - 2 of them:
    Ben Harper doing Voodoo Chile - gave me my first "maxell moment" when I cranked it on my XLS. It's a constant on my Sansa & home alone...
    Johnny Cash Hurt - Has to be the most perfect/fitting cover- EVER. This song seems it was meant for Johnny...:smoke1:

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    Most tribute albums I have don't usually work for me, they're either too faithful and don't add much, or not faithful enough and diminish a great song. I like cover songs in general, just the tribute albums never seem to meet my expectations.

    The one that works the best for me is:

    Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye - A Tribute to Roky Erikson

    Great Album.

    Jim C


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      Herbie Hancocks "River" a tribute of Joni Mitchell's songs is very good.


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        This Notes For You Too--Neil Young tribute