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Friday night where is everyone?

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  • Friday night where is everyone?

    I know most of you are married so you can't be out on a date. :sly:

    I'm am now kicking back listening to some tunes with a glass of Chardonay after messing around with REW earlier.

    Guess I will plop in a movie if I am going to be talking to myself. :crazy:

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    I'm just about done moving. Nevermind unpacking!!! First thing I did? Yes, tunes. Funny thing I left all of hdmi cables, etc for my PS3 and dvr at the old house!!! Had em in a bag ready to go. Found my old sony dvd changer and along with my onk they are playing on the floor! Just had enough old RCA's to do it too. Found some old speaker wire and through on some Floyd. Just undwinding now with a beer and listening to some two channel... Actually doesn't sound all that bad.
    "Arguing on the internet is like trying to make sense out of Bupkiss. You just end up looking foolish". ---Craigsub 04.21.2009


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      stupid forum closing...lost souls left wandering the internet


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        Well I just sold a pair of Monitor Audio speakers tonight.. :applause:

        Guy came out to listen to them yesterday afternoon. H liked what he heard, and spent the rest of the night convincing his wife to let him buy them.

        After his listening session, I shut down the receiver and didn't power them up again.

        Well tonight he picks them up and takes them home.

        About an hour later I get a phone call.. the mid woofer and tweet aren't working. He's using the lower set of posts, but the jumpers ARE there. Dead crossover, I guess. or something's come loose inside.

        :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:

        So somewhere between my house and this hose head hooking things up god knows how, he's killed the speakers. And now he's wondering what I'M going to do about it.



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          Well that just sucks . Hate when you sell something and only later have to deal with that dilema .

          Hope it is an easy fix so you can keep the money and he gets what he wanted in the first place.
          A knock at the door said "Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms" I thought it was a delivery.:biglaugh:


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            I spent the evening playing Gears.:boom:
            A knock at the door said "Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms" I thought it was a delivery.:biglaugh:


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              my company's dns servers went down at 9:45, so despite being 28 and single, I spent all night working with akamai.

              No music for me. :(


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                Spending the night pondering just where I am going to find employment "if" I am one of the many that will be let go next week.

                I did have a little fun earlier... Went with a bud to here and had a-lot of free brew. It was great. Drank "free" pints in the brewery and pondered our futures.