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  • Great sounding music

    Steve Guttenberg over on Cnet just released an article on "How to make your speakers sound better than ever."

    The one that caught my eye was Marsalis and Clapton. Only 7 recommendations, and I've found some of Steve's views a bit esoteric, in other words, he's never tried CHT stuff!

    Click this link to check it out; Play great-sounding music Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs like these.

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    I have the AIX Blu ray Mozart recording, and it's state of the art surround quality. Close your eyes and you feel as if the musicians are in the room with you. Not a test for my four SS 18.1s however. Each instrument is recorded with a pair of mics positioned approximately head width apart. No compression, electronic reverb, or any altering of the recorded signal is performed.