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Life lesson #202

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  • Life lesson #202

    After drinking for the bettr bart of a day, espeically the last 3 hours, and sitting in 1 chair - do not, DO NOT get up from my recliner to find the bottle full this morning now emptied.
    A) Getting up is one thing.
    b) Finding the empty bottle X10:crazy::hissyfit::crazy::dizzy:

    Now if you would have onley had at least some H20 during some part of the day and/or not sat on my ass since about 1:00 pm, you would not be in this predickamint!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!:rock::fryingpan::kissass::dizzy:

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    Does the word "intervention" mean anything to you ? :smoke1:


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      Hehehehehe....but i kinda planned a drunken day....just hadn't really had one in a while. Boy was a woozy for the last was just the getting off my ass and moving around after sitting here the best part of the afternoon...listning to some good ol rocknroll and sippin whiskey!!!

      Yeah, I'm sure I'll get to bed early tonight = like in an hour or so.
      I could use an intevention- with your delivery gal and SCAMPS!!! HAHAHAH!!!:stirthepot:

      I just know I'm gonna regrett this in the the morning!!! If not when gf gets home!:raspberry::rock::rock::stirthepot::dizzy:

      Hope I havent' made too a much of an ass myself today!! But it was fun!!!!:rock::eyebrows::yes::yes::dizzy::rock:

      Can't cook nothing but sloppy Joes - anything else tooo complicatted!:crazy:


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        I suggest drinking until you see double.

        When she gets home, tell her you aren't drunk.

        You have been getting ready for a redneck threesome.


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          crap! wheres the 2 thumbs up smiley face when you need it?:rock:

          Im kind of lucky - she really knows I was planning for to do this , today, I think
          that is why she is late probbly getting here home!!! :biglaugh: Hopping i will already bein Bed!!!:snaggletooth::dizzy: AQnd she is about to be correct sir!:huge:


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            So Price, I'm thinking that there would be major support for our first raffle to help you with serious medical assistance.


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              I bet you folk thought I was gonna "pay for it" today....
              HELL NOOO!! Last night was the best sleep (does passing out count as sleep?)
              I've had in a lllooonnnggg time.
              So, yeah, I'm home from work. Back to the starting gate - beer in hand!!!:raspberry: