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  • Anything look familiar???

    I was just "googling" drivers and passive radiators and such...
    and came across a manufacturers list....

    Don't know what made me click on this link, but guess what speakers this company OEMs for??? First Audio (Note: this link is for their own "brands", but they are listed as OEMs for these "designs"):snaggletooth:

    First Audio Manufacturing
    Hong Kong based manufacturer of loudspeakers and AV electronics, operates mostly as an OEM but also sells products under their own Fidek brand. Official homepage:

    BTW, the Scansonic stuff looks pretty interesting too....

    the site I got this info from:
    audio, sound, recording, hi-fi, stereo, mono, open reel, quad, home theatre, turntable, cassette, acoustic, tape, speaker, loudspeaker record player, surround

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    Can't access it at the moment - all the AV123/TCA people :crowd: must have crashed the site.