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    Boingy Boingy suspended drum kit gets drummers moving
    By Ben Coxworth
    You gotta feel sorry for drummers in rock bands. While the guitarists and singers get to run all over the stage, they’re just stuck in the back, sitting on their stool. Well, Canadian inventor Charlie Rose set out to change that. The result is Boingy Boingy – a drum set suspended in mid-air by car springs, that lurches around like a mechanical bull as it’s being played ... as can be seen in the video at the end of the article, it’s definitely entertaining.

    One of you eggheads should make that video linky hot for us.:peeping:
    Some play hard to get, I play hard to want.

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    I don't think the BB code for youtube is enabled here, like it is elsewhere. So I don't know how to embed the video.
    Pretty sweet.
    Link to YouTube


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      I see, tks. One day I'll take the time to learn that stuff.
      Some play hard to get, I play hard to want.


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        Busted out laughing at the video it looks like so much fun :applause:
        I shaved my balls for this :salute:

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