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The "How To Audyssey" Thread.

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  • The "How To Audyssey" Thread.

    Hi Folks,

    I believe the goal of this thread is to provide reference and resources to help us all get the most out of Audyssey and the associated equipment.
    So I'll start the ball rolling with a couple of links.

    This first one helped me greatly in setting up and running Audyssey and in explaining some of the reasons why stuff is set up the way that it is:
     I've been in several threads lately where the topic has been all about Audyssey and I've noted that there's not actually a thread specifically for it. There's one that seems to be about it, but it's titled as being about the Denon 3806. Audyssey, of course, exists in far more receivers than...

    This next one was very helpful in setting up my Denon receiver (I have an AVR-2310CI). I don't know how often it is updated but it covers much of the operational abilities of most Denon models up to the ones that end in "11":

    This is an excellent Audyssey setup video. Link provided courtesy of forum member dduval:

    Home cinema expert Neil Davidson explains the set up process for auto EQ systems like Audyssey. To comment on this video, go to

    Hopefully this will be made into a sticky and added onto as more folks find resources to share.


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    Guys - to make this thread easier to follow, if you post a link, it will be added to Fatcat's post with your name attached to it, so we know who to blame .... :biglaugh:

    And then your post will be deleted, so people can find all links in one place. :applause: