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    RIP Ronnie Montrose...

    He was a rock pioneer, one of my earliest guitar influences (to this day I still love to play along with that 1st album) and one of the few who never really cared about making it big. He always did exactly what he wanted, not what some label wanted him to do.
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    I saw him in at a free concert at the Hollywood Bowl in the late 80's. He sure put on a show with his guitar skills. Anyone remember when he and Ted Nugent had a guitar battle to break the crystal ball?



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      Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


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        Truly a riffmaster. He will be missed. :guitar3:
        One of the monsters he helped create.
        I shaved my balls for this :salute:

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          One of my favorite rock guitarists in my teens, put out some great stuff. Saw Gamma at some probably defunct LA area hall way back when, that was a great show.
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            Originally posted by tesseract
            Man, I wore the grooves off that record. I didn't see this posted here in this section, but a friend of mine found an old ticket stub from back in the day. I figure you guys will appreciate it!

            ...and Ronnie Montrose; first concert I ever went to. He opened for Nugent. Actually, he opened for Pat Travers, who opened for the Nuge.
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