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  • This is CNN

    Wow :eek:
    Coach Pat Summitt - Folding at Home

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    And they wonder why their ratings are horrible :doh! 1:


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      Jon Stewart said "Do you know how many unexpected tragedies this family has suffered?" about the Kennedys.

      I wonder how the family of Mary Jo Kopechne felt getting the call at 5 AM telling them their daughter was dead thanks to Ted.

      Joesph Kennedy was a crook and the family fortune comes from ill gotten gains.

      Ask Patricia Bowman how she felt getting raped by a Kennedy then having them leak her name to the press. Im sure she got a lot of 5 AM wake up calls.

      Ask the Moxley family how it felt finding out at 5AM that their daughter was murdered by a Kennedy cousin.

      Yeah lets holds these scum in reverence. One of the most corrupt families in the North East!


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        You're taking it a little too personal. The whole video is about how horrible CNN is and how they no longer report news, but do stupid stunts for ratings.

        It's a joke. That's all.


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          My bad I didnt watch the video just read the thing. But my comment was in relation to what Jon Stewart said. I figured since hes a lefty he was/is pissed that they did that to a Kennedy. Growing up in New England and seeing how people rever that family is disgusting IMO. If people only would look a little deeper they would realize what scum that whole family is.