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Jp Auclair Street Segement -skiing video

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  • Jp Auclair Street Segement -skiing video

    Cool skiing video -

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    ...and then he went and bought new skis.


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      Originally posted by Kevin_Wadsworth
      ...and then he went and bought new skis.
      Oh man, hopefully those were some rented K2 or Salamons and not the Atomic Savage or Nordic Fire ones I want. Trying to find that black and white design online to no avail.

      Nice video work though. And for those wondering, yes that person is a VERY good skier. I think he waxed a couple times and they edited, but...

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      HO's Basement Take 2


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        They obviosuly edited, unless they have 15-20 camera all carefully positioned. :)

        I actually ski on K2's (Axis X, bought several years go at this point). At this point, anything better would be wasted on me. I've taken all of one 4-day ski trip in the past 4 years (wife was pregnant, and then had baby/toddler) and I miss it tremendously. My daughter will be 4 in April, though and so perhaps this is the winter where we can try taking her out for the first time.