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Sometimes, one has to know when to move on.

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  • Sometimes, one has to know when to move on.

    Hi guys. This is a pretty sad moment for me. I spent most of the past 2 weeks reviewing things, and trying to get solid information about even one product for Tweak City.

    As thing stand now, we don't have a single product line available, outside Gizmo. That alone does not make a company, and many people have been waiting patiently for us to get the promised products to market.

    Therefore, I am shutting Tweak City Audio down after we sell the remaining 280 Gizmos.

    Should something change in the future in which there is a real product line available, we will reopen.

    Until then, I wish everyone a Happy New Year, and a heart felt thank you for tolerating me this long. :)

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    My heart just dropped. :( Best wishes, Craig.


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      Hope something comes through the pipeline for you very soon, +1 on the Best wishes.


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        Sorry to hear this, I was really looking forward to this stuff. Definitely a tough business to start - even established companies have a hard time.

        Hopefully, things will work out, without too many headaches for you.

        Jim C


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          Wow... this really just hit me hard. I feel terrible for you Craig, i'm sure this was a tough tough decision for you. TCA really seemed promising, and I know that a lot of people were looking forward to the products you had lined up. It's a sad reality... but it's reality.

          I wish you tons of luck in the future. Thanks for everything you contribute, and I'm sure will continue to contribute, to the forum lives of us budding or full fledged audiophiles who spend way way too many hours on here.

          :applause::applause: Craig deserves a round of applause for everything he tried to do for us. Maybe we'll get lucky and see a resurrection sometime down the line. But even if not, I'm sure a lot of the product ideas, and prob the enthusiasm, will live on over at av123.

          Thanks Craig. :applause:


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            Very sad day. I was only able to get up to five posts. :(


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              I'm really sorry to hear this Craig. Hopefully something can be worked out in the future.



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                What's the chances of getting an autographed version of the Gizmo?



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                    Just had to post my condolences over here, as well as over at AV123, Craig. It was quite the noble effort, and I sincerely hope there comes a day you get to give it another run. It was also quite obvious that this meant a lot to you, and I can only imagine how painful (but quite possibly relieving) the decision was....



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                      This is a very sad day. I hope one day you can make your dream a reality.


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                        I sure hope this is a temporary set back and you will be able to come back one day. We're here ready & willing to be your customers when that day arrives!


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                          :whs: Is the forum gonna stay up, just in case???


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                            Craig: Really sorry to hear about this. I am sure this must have been a very painful decision to make, but considering the situation perhaps a most appropriate one.

                            Having listened to 2 of your products (Gizmo and Scamp), I can honestly say that it is unfortunate that it has to end like this. I hope TCA is able to make a comeback in future.

                            With best wishes for future ... BP

                            PS: Keep the domains ( registered in your name for few years to come. Who knows, you may be able to get it going soon. :)
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                              Good morning, guys. Yes, the domain will be kept up, and the forum active.

                              Perhaps, sometime in the future, products will be ready, and we can start from that point.

                              For now, at least in my professional life, there are many opportunities to explore in the auto and finance arenas.

                              I am going to concentrate my efforts there - my oldest is a senior in high school, and has expressed a keen interest in the auto business.

                              I am truly sorry the products we detailed last winter are still not here.

                              Price, I really feel as if I have let you down. :(