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Sub placement help - with room floor plan.

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  • Sub placement help - with room floor plan.

    So for those who have more knowledge about this than I do, and it the sub department it doesnt take much, what do you guys think its the best place for two subs of VS variety? Or maybe you think that the SS boxes will fit better in this space?

    For those who did not see this layout at AVS this room is 25'x20'x7.5' without the storage, powder room and furnace.

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    I think you need to do the "sub crawl" and test it out.

    There are a few different ways of doing general though, I would think one along the screen wall and one on your side wall, or both in the screen wall corner, or both on your front stage will get you the best results. :)

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      Crazyravr as HuskerOmaha has suggested try placing the subs in these locations to get the best response at your seating location. I would get a set of furniture gliders and place them under each sub to help facilitate moving them to various locations quickly and painlessly. Since these subs are passive all you need is to make some long speaker wires to reach the amp during the setup process without having to worry about power cords or coax cable. As far as sealed or vented you will get different opinions since each design will have different strengths and design limitations. Me personally I like sealed having owned both in my room, your taste may be different. Get ready for some serious real bass spoken from an actual owner that has had several different brands of subs in the past and I do not mean HTIB toys. :biglaugh:


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        A bass crawl entails putting the sub in the listening position, where you sit, and then crawling around the room on your hands and knees while playing bass heavy music. The spot in the room where you hear the most bass in where you sit the sub. That will give you the best bass in the listening position.

        A better way is to play bass sweeps and/or tones and crawl around with an SPL meter. Quicker, easier, and more accurate.