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  • What's an AU fan to do?

    Anxieties aside, gotta push forward to find the right fit for a coach.
    AU panicked many times this season, but I could see it coming after last year. TT didn't have the "fire". You could see it on the sidelines (last year that is)
    Tried to re-kindle it by going a new direction.
    The Chik Fil A was a mirage and gave many fans "false hopes".
    Hell, it fooled the media into picking AU winning the West. Even I didn't believe that....:nosey: So, I am fully convinced I KNOW what is best for AU....
    TT panicked first by letting Franklin go in middle of season. Shoulda never hired him, so he panicked. Releasing Franklin was the beginning of the end.
    The decision makers panicked w/ the 'Bama beatdown and recruits "de-committing". Plus, they were just waiting for a reason to get rid of TT after '04...
    They are panicking now, because they see a large majority still wanted TT & can't figure out which direction to turn. How many folks are gonna say no to AU???

    A short take on prospects and the "AU mindset" right now - at least, how I see it....

    Now, if "money is not a problem" and knowing full well coaches are gonna say one thing and do another (especially when Sexton is involved):
    Jimbo Fisher will be the next AU head coach.... I don't care what is being reported...

    That would be our "coup"...kind of. Truly a splash.
    He may be best fit too, if we give him time to "re-build".
    Past ties w/ AU - still alot of (GOOD) relationships there.
    Who better to beat Sabear other than one he taught??
    Reasons he won't:
    But, being "un-proven/no HC exp" , would AU be patient with him...:hissyfit:
    And just what kind of relationship does he have w/ Bowden??? The way AU treated Terry could weigh on this.... Fisher knows how AU operates. Does he know "enough" to trust them or "too much" to know better....

    Turner Gill will be the next AU coach.
    Shown he can turn a program around. NFL "ties"
    Part of Big Time Championship type teams (Nebraska)
    AU may wanna get some PR attn from 'Bama - hiring a black coach "first"
    (NOTE: I hate to admit it, but race is gonna play some part in this if we look at Gill. It has no bearing on how I view this, just imagining what AU is doing/thinking. I, for one, would be excited to have Gill come to AU)
    Southern Exposure: Came to the Plains his first year at Buffalo
    It wouldn't take much $$ to get him here...
    Reasons he won't:
    AU not willing to let someone cut their teeth stepping into big boy ball, the SEC would be too much right now for Gill.
    Sorry, the race thing again. Remember, Pat Dye still hanging in the shadows...:eek:

    The most proven coach? "Hottest" head coach ready to take the next step?
    Brian Kelly of Cincy will be the next AU head coach.
    2 time DivII Coach of the Year
    Big East Coach of the Year.
    Overall Impressive resume.

    Still "young enough"
    Could easily offer him the right $$, unless Cincy really ups his salary.
    Reasons he won't:
    Hmmm, AU may not like his game style. Not prototypical SEC. We may wanna get back to our basics: Solid D, Running Back U, ball control...
    Not a "good ole boy" from the South...and he doesn't wanna compete in the SEC....

    And my bet is still "settling"
    w/ DEREK DOOLEY becoming next AU HC...
    Likely because others are gonna turn us down for 1 reason or another.
    Others don't want the hassle. Don't wanna face the SEC. Don't fit from a personality or style standpoint.
    Dooley's Lineage is his calling card. There's an ex-Tiger on his staff. His is an avg coach that shows some promise w/ proper talent.
    He is a "good 'ole Southern boy" who was raised w/ SEC history.
    Tutelage under Sabear too...
    His momma and daddy still have a love for AU and all things SEC. Just another AU/UGA/Bama connection. It seems we are always getting coaching connections from each other.
    Money Talks...even though he says he loves Ruston, LA :crazy:
    We would be willing to give this "son of the SEC" more time than others...(4-5 years??)
    Reason he won't:
    Momma and daddy warned him.
    He's a lawyer - and that scares the crap outta Bobby Lowder:eyebrows:
    I'm completely off base and AU really surprises me....:begging:

    Of course, there are plenty of others "named", so who knows.
    We have a bunch of clowns down there and no-one is in control...
    but, someday, we will be back!!


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    I am voting for Ty Willingham


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      I just hope we get a coach who's wife is as hot as Lane Kiffin's (Vols new coach)....



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        We're getting close...

        ...and I now think Gill will get an offer. There is alot of "local" support for him, now that peeps have done there homework. I think AU wants Gill, for several reasons. Now, does he want AU???

        We should know by Wednesday!!:rock::dizzy::hissyfit:


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          Right choice as far as I can tell is Gill. Tomorrow you will definitely know !...
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            Originally posted by mobileusa
            Right choice as far as I can tell is Gill. Tomorrow you will definitely know !...
            We All Respect Every Aspect Gill Learned Enroute to his consideration....:sly:


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              I'm ready for the next Streak to begin!!

              And , after much investigating/ soul searching/ diggin' deep into my Blue & Orange heart, I hope we have the fortitude and patience to do the right thing...

              I, for one, am excited at the prospect of screaming "WAR EGILL!!!
              for the coming years as we turn the Tide!!:huge::boom::rock::rock::rock:

              From an email I received:

              Husker Perspective: Why Auburn Should Hire Gill


              I see there is a lot of excitement here for getting Turner Gill as a possible replacement for Tuberville. Naturally, as with any coach, there are doubts and doubters. Thats ok, no one knows for certain what may happen in the future.

              But I though I would share a perspective of someone who has followed his career since he was recruited out of high school.

              All American QB. While his teammate won the Heisman, it was Gill that made what many consider the best offense of all time click. Gill was 28-2 as a starter. I won't go into it any more than that. You aren't recruiting him to play. But suffice to say, leading one of the storied and all time best offenses and taking them to the brink of a NC twice, the guy has known pressure.

              Assistant Coach:
              -3 national title rings (how many coaches can you hire that have that on their resume?)

              -As a qb coach, tutored Tommie Frazier, considered the best option type qb of all time. Tutored his replacement, Scott Frost, who transferred to NU from Stanford as a safety. Frost, some argue, might have been in Frazier's category by the end of his career. Tutored Eric Crouch, Heismann winner. Any questions about his ability to coach young men to excellence?

              Head Coach:
              I think you pretty much know the story by now. Took the worst program in college football and made them conference champions in 3 years.

              Here is where Gill really shines. You all may have seen his impassioned interview the other night and been impressed. This was no fluke and it isn't phony as I think most of you can tell. I was going to our spring game a few years back and walked by a radio broadcast event that had Gill, Mike Rozier, and Irving Fryar being interviewed. Rozier and Fryar were interesting but when Gill spoke it was incredible. Heck, I was ready to run through a brick wall, and I am in my 40's. This guy can motivate like no one else. He is by all accounts a stand up, intense Christian person. He doesn't just care for the kids as long as they are playing football, but as you can see, he really cares for them deeply.

              Gill is the real deal folks. I know he doesn't have that assurity of being a successful HEAD coach at a major venue but unbounded success has followed him wherever he has been. He is one of the very few individuals that coaches both excellence and integrity and both to a high degree. Gill has been at the top his entire career. And even when thrown in a snakepit (Buffalo), has emerged to championship football.

              Yes, that guy you saw on tv the other night, thats who you'd be getting. I really hope he goes to Auburn. I know your fanbase would rise by at least a million.
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