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  • External tv speaker

    I noticed my Samsung has a single output for external speakers. I would like to hook some up just for tv listening so I don't have to turn on my system.

    Anyone have some good suggestions?


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    I assume this is a stereo output. Check your manual for the amp specs (watts, ohm rating). Let that drive your choice. I'd recommend efficient speakers. It's probably a wimpy amp.

    Have you thought about a soundbar? Lots to chose from. Some do OK pseudo surround sound. You need a smallish room with hard surface walls.


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      I may get shot for this, but my g/f had a party and rather than lug my rockets over there, I took my PC speakers:

      I hooked them up to her TV and played her DirectTV music stations and it didn't sound half bad.
      The day after, we were lounging around watching TV and that sounded pretty good too...coming out of the headphone jack!

      If you're looking for a basic solution, the klipsch 2.1 at $150 sounded better than any soundbar I've heard.