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A FUN WAY to raise money for the American Cancer Society ... Win Speakers or Subs !!

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  • A FUN WAY to raise money for the American Cancer Society ... Win Speakers or Subs !!

    I'm sharing hope for a world with less cancer and more birthdays by participating in the American Cancer Society 2012 Corporate Softball Invitational NY on September 10, 2011 at Randalls Island. I am supporting this program because cancer has left a mark on all of us, and I am determined to do all I can to help saves lives from this disease. One way you can help is by making a donation.

    Your donation supports the American Cancer Society's work to save lives and create more birthdays by helping people stay well, helping people get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back. Visit my personal fundraising Web site today to donate to the American Cancer Society.

    Together we can make sure that anyone affected by cancer can count on the American Cancer Society to provide tips and tools to help people reduce their risk of cancer; to be in their corner around the clock at 1-800-227-2345 and; to fund and conduct groundbreaking research into cancer’s causes, treatments, and cures; and work with lawmakers to create laws that defeat cancer.

    Thanks so much for your help. Your contributions - any amount you can give - truly make a difference in the fight against cancer.

    Mike Bishop ACS Fundraising Page

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    Mike - Here is what we are going to do for this cause.

    For every $10 a person from our forum donates, this person will get a free ticket towards a drawing.

    These donations are to be done on the honour system. If a person contributes $50, he should post how many tickets he has coming.

    The winning prize will go up as tickets count up, towards the following stuff from our 2012 line of products:

    100 ($1000 donated) tickets is the choice of an SS-18.1 with Dayton amp or a pair of SHO/PRO-10's.

    200 ($2000) tickets is the choice of a pair of VS-18.1's with the Dayton amp or 5 PRO-SHO-10's.

    300 ($3000) Tickets means the winner gets 5 SHO-10's and a VS-18.1 with the Dayton amp.

    400 ($4000) Tickets or more means the winner gets 5 SHO-10's and a pair of VS-18.1's with the Dayton amp.

    And again, NO MONEY is to come to CHT. All funds will go directly to the linked website donation site in the opening post of this thread. :)


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      Wow! Thanks Craig... Amazing gesture on your part. :applause:

      Donations can be viewed on the right side of this page:

      Team Donation Page

      My aunt lost her fight with cancer 7 years ago and she was my driving force for becoming a member of the Coaches vs. Cancer committee. She helped raise me as a kid and was a direct influence on my addiction for books.

      Thanks to everyone that pitches in for the cause. :bowing:


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        I'm in for $50
        A good cause. Hopefully some day (in my lifetime
        would be nice) a major break through will occur.

        My wife goes in for surgery Monday for a Melanoma
        removal on her leg. I'm amazed on how quickly they



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          Here is the official tally post

          BinaryLinguist: 10 tickets
          Fanuminski: 10 tickets
          Craigsub: 20 tickets (if this guy wins, the ticket will be DQ'ed and re-drawn)
          FatCat: 5 tickets
          HuskerOmaha: 5 tickets
          eljay: 22 tickets (we rounded up)
          sbdman: 10 tickets
          Pestilenceten: 6 tickets
          Wesley63: 5 tickets
          Cdntiger: 5 tickets
 2 tickets
          Someciscoguy: 10 tickets
          Dwayland: 5 tickets
          Engtaz: 5 tickets

          Total tickets to date: 120

          Current prize level: An SS-18.1 or a pair of SHO-10's. :)


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            I'm in for $50.00 as well.
            My dad had cancer twice and luckily beat it both times. The first time he had it, one of his doctors told us he probably wouldn't last more than a year.
            That was 18 years ago. I'm sure that his bull headed, stubborn will to live had a lot to do with his longevity though!
            He passed away last year just after his 82nd birthday and I miss him terribly.
            Thanks for doing this.



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              In for $50.

              I had Hodgkins when I was 14 and relate with anyone that has this in their lives, which is pretty much any of us at some point!

              Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple. - Barry Switzer

              HO's Basement Take 2


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                Word I received today is that Donations will end on August 26 so you only have 3 days left to get in on the raffle.

                We have a committee meeting tonight and I'm going to see about extending it a few days. Will be tough since the tournament is 9/10.


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                  I'm in for $100. :salute: :cool:


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                    Thanks to everyone that donated so far. :applause:

                    As I mentioned, my wife and I have both lost very close friends and family members to cancer. On the bright side, we have also been very fortunate as we also have at least 5 family members that have beaten cancer to this day. Thanks to those that have shared their stories.

                    fanuminski, how did the surgery go yesterday?


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                      Good cause. Count me in for $100.


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                        Im in for $50 my wife had breast cancer a very aggressive one that grew faster than anyone understood. she beat it and Im glad to help others beat it too


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                          wife's surgery went well - won't know till later this week from the
                          pathology tests on the two glands removed -but have a 90% chance
                          according to the Doc of being ok.

                          My mom (who's 83) had 40% of one lung removed last year.
                          it's been tough on her this past 8 months. She had quit smoking
                          over 40 years ago too. tough seeing her "slow" down - she
                          was always 80 going on 40 in her activities before.

                          Oh - I'll be in for another $50 - see if we can at least make
                          it to Craig's first prize level (thanks Craig!)

                          Thank you Mike also - and good luck to everyone who has had
                          or will have to deal with this in their life.



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                            I'm in 5 tickets ($50). Donation sent.



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                              $115 added to push the total to $1,000. :salute: :cool: