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Underwhelmed at the Movie Theater

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  • Underwhelmed at the Movie Theater

    So, the wife and I went out last night to celebrate our 4th anniversary.

    Went out to Cheeseburger in Paradise to get some average food and overpriced drinks (close proximity to theater).

    We got to the theater with our free tickets from CinP (see: 2 dollar cheaper tickets, but when added to the bill you tip more, nice work waitress!)

    Went to Horrible Bosses.

    We sit down, and my wife looks at me and says: "Is the screen kind of small? And where are the speakers?"

    I think the screen was probably about 5-6 times the surface area of mine, but it did seem weird not having it all across the front wall and not a portion of it.

    No bass in the movie at all which I expected. Sound very average to poor.

    This was a <10 year old theater.

    I'm just happy she appreciates the HT, usually she just ignores all the work down there! (Wait until she sees LilMikes Cinema F-20s getting installed in a week :eek:)

    Great flick though if you like vulgar humor and silliness. Never seen Jennifer Aniston like this (hot and ridiculous) and quite the cast I thought.

    Thank you Craig for a great product and thanks to everyone for helping me with this sweet hobby.

    Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple. - Barry Switzer

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    Congrats on the the 4th anniversary.

    Agree about going to the movies. The closest I can get to acceptable is tracking down an IMAX theater. I only do this when friends insist I go, otherwise I'll just wait for the blu-ray. Never mind that I can usually buy a disk for about the same as tickets and a drink at the theater.

    Watched HP Deathly Hallows part 1 yesterday afternoon. Certains parts were an awesome workout for the SubMersive. Will have to settle with my 60" LCD for now.


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      Congrats on the the 4th anniversary. Glad she recognizes your HT improvements. Congrats.:applause::applause::applause:

      I love how music can brighten up a bad day.


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        Funny, I was going to start a tread titled "My one problem with CHT products..." and talk about how they have spoiled me to the point that I don't enjoy going to the theater anymore. I'd just prefer to wait till the movies come out at home and watch them in the HT.

        I'm always disapointed which the sound quality in theaters compared to what I have at home. Especially the bass.

        Thanks for making such great products guys.
        LCR: Gedlee Abbeys for LR and Nathan for Center Surround & rear 4 x Sho10's
        Subs: 4 x 18.2
        Electronics: Marantz SR7002, Acurus 200x3 (LCR), PS3, HTPC, CDP300, Mits HC1500, Elite Peregrine 2.35 156" Acousticpro4k


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          I noticed this as well. A few weeks ago I watched Transformers 3 and though the LFE was good, my first thought was "man this theater can't touch the Legion of Boom". And that is thanks to the quad sub setup from CHT. Thanks for the countless nights of enjoyment.
          I came, I saw, I purchased.


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            Same here only go to the movies now if a new flick comes out for the kids. Local theaters here sound like a whole row of "toys for tots subs" compared to my home setup! Kudos to CHT will definitely be getting more gear from you in the future no doubt.


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              Congratulations on your 4th anniversary, Greg.

              Girlfriend and I went to see Cars 2 in the theater, what a joke. The picture wasn't even on par with my silly 55" LCD. The sound was thin and crackly, in complete contrast to my clear as a bell Chase system. I'll have to rent it and watch it at home so I can really experience the show.