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Favorite Android/Iphone app?

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  • Favorite Android/Iphone app?

    I finally made the move to a smart phone after my semi-smart Nokia drowned in a small puddle of water ( a smart Alec co worker said that if it really was a smart phone it would know how to swim:rolleyes: ).

    I am really impressed with this little gadget (this one if you are interested). It seems that there are literally thousands upon thousands of apps for these phones. A lot of them seem quite forgettable. What are the good ones? Have a favorite?

    Has anyone tried Dragon Dictation for translate speech to text? (I tried the free French version and it sucked...)

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    Maps (preinstalled)
    Safari (preinstalled)
    Angry Birds
    FatBooth / FaceGoo
    my dedicated HT build thread (AVS)


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      On my android phone, there's only a few apps I actually use.

      - Facebook
      - Google+ This is actually a much nicer app than the FB app, but if you're not on G+, so what...
      - Weather Channel - I use it, but I'm never happy with it. My dad really likes weatherbug on his iPhone (3Gs I think) but that's even buggier than the weather channel app on my phone.
      - Shazaam is cool, but I don't use it much. It's the one from the early iPhone commercials where the app identifies songs by listening to them with the phone's microphone.
      - Barcode Scanner - not sure if there's good ones and bad ones, but you'll be glad to have it. If nothing else, it allows you to use the fancy 2D barcodes to follow links and download other apps.
      - Maps - and the Google maps is the best, IMO. Check out the layers, which include public transit (where available...) and traffic.
      - Directions (preloaded on mine) not only gives turn-by-turn out loud, but the voice recognition for destination searches is really very good in my experience. However, the resolution of my devoted GPS unit is much better. (For example, the phone commonly thinks I've stayed on the highway instead of exiting or vice versa for a few hundred yards, while the TomTom always knows.) I assume that your Garmin phone will have better GPS than mine... Hopefully it will have the same layer options that Google's does.
      - Angry birds was pretty good, but I lost interest. Also, at least one version I had was really buggy on my phone.

      I hear the new ebay app is really good, if you are an ebay user... I think that's about all I know about, really. Oh, wait; I realized the other day that, now that I've signed most of my life over to google, the calendar on my phone automatically syncs with the calendar I can use online, so I can set my phone to remind me to give the dog his heart worm pill and so on... I like the google integration, in general.

      I've found that, in most cases, apps made by the operating system company are much more reliable and full-featured (like Google+ having a better app than Facebook). That said, I have never used a paid app - that's just the kind of cheapskate I am. Plus, my Samsung Intercept on Virgin Mobile might be an average to good piece of hardware, but I think my experience is often hampered by the network.


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        Shazaam is cool!

        I'll try the barcode thing... And I'll look into the Google calendar as I find having a calendar that reminds me of stuff on my phone useful.

        Somebody has to make an app that works with the GPS that reminds to move your car when you aren't allowed to park there anymore...


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          Download Pocket Parking Meter free for Android Free on AppBrain, the site to discover the best apps and games for Android

          That one looks pretty good. Never tried it.


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            Originally posted by HopefulFred

            That one looks pretty good. Never tried it.

            That's pretty good but I was thinking more along the lines of interpreting Montreal parking signs and reminding me of when I have to move without me setting a timer. I know I am asking for a lot.:(


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              I have a ton of apps... but most I don't use. Wordfued (Scrabble-like game) is my most used to play with my family.

              Elsewhile, aside from the ones listed above in the thread I use Pandora a fair amount, the Daily Dilbert comic strip, and the BBC News app.

              Also, DirecTV's app is easier to use than their webpage (which probably says more about the web page than the app).