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  • HDMI Jack Question

    Hi! I hope I am posting this question in the right location. I am in the middle of a remodel at my home and I want to use HDMI Keystone Inserts to manage my HDMI cables. My plan is to create permanent HDMI outlets and manage the connections on a wall plate. Hope I am making sense.

    Here is the HMDI Insert I am talking about: HDMI Keystone Jack

    My question is if using these will at all cause my HDMI cables to perform less? Will they negatively affect the resolution or any other characteristics of the HDMI cable. I am using 1.4 HDMI cables because I want the 3D capability (since I am buying a 3D TV). Any advice on this is greatly appreciated!

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    I won't pretend to have all the answers, but I think what you're looking at is a good idea. Two things come to mind - first, check for in-wall ratings if you need them; second - test the cables before you put them in the wall.

    If you get sparklies or trouble getting the signal through at all, I'd consider talking to whoever sells you the cables about their quality - otherwise buy whatever looks like good value. The keystone shouldn't interfere with the signal in any appreciable way, IMO.


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      I won't be able to add much here either, but make sure you check out Keystone jack - the ones you linked to are about 4 times more expensive, and everything I've heard and received from monoprice is of very good quality.
      They have excellent hdmi cables as well. Just be careful going over 35-50 feet with hdmi 1.4 - you may need an amplifier.


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        Thanks for the feed back

        Thanks for the feed back. I did use the ICC HDMI keystone jack and it works great.

        @sbdman I do use Monoprice for cables because they are so cheap. But I have used their cabling products before and did not have good results. Real poor quality. But you get what you pay for.

        My video quality is great and I love having everything in the wall so I have clean outlets. Now my in-wall HDMI cables are well protected. Thanks!