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    I have an epik tower, a sunfire true signature sub, and 2 definitive tech supercube reference subs. Each is placed in a corner. Subs have been equalized using the Velodyne SMS. My frequency response is flat and impressive. The room size is 19 feet wide, 31 feet deep, and 9 ft high and a perfect enclosed rectangle.

    I have reached 125 DB spl with various movie scenes. The pressure generated in the room is remarkable, however the pressure waves have been devastating to the house and numereous wall cracks have been noticed.

    I am thinking of selling the Sunfire and the 2 definitive reference subs and get 3 more epik towers for the corners. Is this overkill as I already have a great flat frequency response from 20 -200 HZ? By the way my main speakers are refurbished POLK SDA SRS 1.2TI.

    I would appreciate some input.
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    Um.. Why do you have so many subs in the first place?


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      The only way to reduce the pressurization in the room is turn the volume down on the subs so you don't get so high of an output. Obviously you have placed the subs well to get an even frequency response, so keeping the same number of subs and replacing with smaller subs should keep your even frequency response. If you add more subs then you already have you are just going to bump your SPL back up.

      The only other option is going to infinite baffle or open baffle subs which aren't supposed to pressurize the room, but that is supposed to be a completely different sound.

      Or you could turn down the subs and go with some buttkickers, but those are supposed be annoying for music (if you do any of that in this room).


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        Devastating to the room, gotta love it. While probably not so good with the Wife Acceptance Factor, I'm sure that room's gotta be hella fun to watch movies in.. :clapper:
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          Multiple subs = great sound

          Could you use an EQ to cut the bass off at 20 hz? It should be the <20hz signals that are damaging to the house.
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