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  • FPB strikes again

    Our beloved FPB has started slamming CHT subs ...again. However this time he is making threats (at least against me) for defending our subs.

    Here is the exchange from chriskekow's AVS thread about his new 18T:

    Originally Posted by floridapoolboy:

    ...which may explain the reports of excessive clipping (red warning light flashing) during the two brothers shootout."

    My response:
    I have a CH 18.T in a large open space and my subs have not clipped once.

    Take FPB's comments w/ a grain of salt, he has never heard these subs and really has no grounds for his claims except a vendetta against Craig.

    Here is the PM I immediately received:

    FPB: Watch it
    Jitsu, you need to stop referencing me in your posts or I will be forced to report them to the moderators. I won't have you spreading false information about me, regardless of what Craig has been telling you. You may have a slight inkling about the man after watching his recent actions concerning differences of opinion on his forum, that's the tip of the iceberg! As far as his subs go, either the Dayton amp is, in fact clipping when the red light is flashing, or the design flies in the face of accepted convention. Who the hell ever heard of a flashing red light on an amp that didn't indicate clipping? That's just stupid, no excuses needed. I tried to help you once, and you posted my PM on the CHT forum, I no longer have any use for you. I will be watching your posts, and reporting them as often as necessary until you get the message."

    Wow. Just, WOW.

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    I've received similar PM's from this guy. The rantings of an unstable person that has an intense, unhealthy interest in a sub system that he has never heard and has no intention of hearing. I'll bet money that he has read every word of every thread pertaining to CHT. And still, he cannot get his facts straight.

    How many times does it have to be stated that the amp has a soft clip circuit and that the light is a half power indicator? To keep repeating misinformation is trolling, and to appear time and again in any thread related to CHT is basically stalking. :peeping:

    Thank you for your support, Dr. :salute:


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      No prob, buddy, and if you see the thread you will see that I am not a mindless supporter of Craig, just one who likes to stick to the facts when it comes to his subs' performance.


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        Dude's got some serious issues... :no clue:


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          I, along with many other MFW owners, went through so much crap from that guy. It just went on and on over there at AVS. Some of it was in good fun, but alot of it wasn't unfortunately. I really think that since av123 is gone and has been gone for quite some time, that he's just trying to replace av123, with CHT, and go after any and all CHT customers, and CHT the company, as well as Craig, just like he did with all the MFW fans. Sure, there was TONS of reasons to jump all over av123, that goes without saying :peeping:, but there's no reason whatsoever to jump all over CHT or any of their customers. Craig's hit some minor speed bumps since having started up CHT, but that's par the course for just about every single company out there. FPB's got his own little messed up personal fetish that he needs to satisfy, that's just how some people are. :mad:


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            The subwoofer rantings I referred to are in the open forums. I should make clear that the PM's I got had very little to do with subs at all.

            His PM's to me revolved around Craig bashing, disparaging my socio/economic status, (he could buy and sell me, for instance) and... hating on Nebraska of all things. :biglaugh:

            The truth behind his forum posts comes out in PM. I find that his posts, and others like him (yes, I've received unsolicited PM's like these from others :() to be hypocritical and two faced. This kind of vitriol adds no value whatsoever to the community.

            All is well, Chase Home Theater products speak for themselves, the performance/value is on the mark. THAT is what helps make this hobby fun, in spite of the killjoys. Yeah, I'm a fanboy, so what? :woo:


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              Guys ... I received this from a certain someone earlier today, and am posting it without putting in his name. While it may be pretty clear to most who wrote this, the author will remain anonymous.

              To point out the answers to some of the allegations, see rebuttals below.

              Greetings Craig!

              Nicely played on AVS, you managed to send your pawn in and egg me into getting banned from yet another of the endless CHT marketing threads, well done! I won't make that mistake again pal, I'll simply be there to point out the obvious problems, shortcuts, and substandard manufacturing and customer service issues with your products, at least until you rectify them. I've been following the antics on your own forum, you seem to be losing friends right and left, but in your case you're obviously far right! Banning Lilgator, really? Does anyone actually believe that Libertarian bull**** you espouse from your bully pulpit, and I DO mean BULLY? You've made a habit of banning dissident people, deleting posts, and basically acting like a born-again Gestapo! Good thing you're paying for the forum, you get to act all god-like in choosing what will stay and what will go. As an aside, how about that god-awful "Atlas Shrugged" movie? It just sat there, like a dog turd on a freshly cut lawn, how embarrassing! :applause: Enough already, I find you most pathetic, and can't waste anymore time on you. Oh yeah, happy birthday you AARP member! And good luck with your surgical recovery, I won't even bring up karma..............
              The rebuttals ...

              1. I did not send anyone to AVS.
              2. I am not aware of anyone here who could be considered my pawn.
              3. If anyone thinks AVS has been a great arena of marketing for CHT, I have some great swamp buys in Florida.
              4. LilGator was not banned for disagreeing with me. He was suspended for 30 days for continuing to post links to political sites and then refusing to discuss the issue on the phone.

              As stated before, he was offered via PM here and an email opportunity to have this phone conversation.

              My door is open to Lilgator anytime he wishes to talk. His suspension was lifted after 7 days. I like him enough that 7 days without him here was long enough. Yes, he is fiesty, but he is also a lot of fun (usually).

              One of our moderators here is quite different from me in political ideals, and we have frequent conversations about political issues.

              It's just not appropriate to have angry politics on our forum. If anyone disagrees, please PM me so we can discuss it like gentlemen. Posting links and/or copying small snippets of a political nature are not welcome here. It's that simple. These political posts of copy/paste or links to an argument will just lead to both sides of the political fence having a contest to see who can post the most links. That, IMO, is just going to lead to anger and hurt feelings.

              Again, if anyone wishes to disagree, PM me, and we can talk about it without mucking up our forum.

              5. The name calling by this individual will not have a rebuttal, as it is not worthy of a response.


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                If the AVS forums are a marketing arm of CHT then CHT needs a new marketing manager considering some of the posts there :)

                If it matters one of the things that pointed me towards buying a 18.1 series 1 was some AVS forum posts that seemed to think this was a decent sub for the price. When the sub went on sale I honestly think that I'd have been silly not to have bought.

                As for issues I had one issue that was my fault [that I admitted to on the forums ... I'm ignorant sometimes] and one minor order processing hiccup that CHT additted to within a business day of the issue being reported. Either way I got immediate attention from a customer service standpoint and good reponse times and reasonable resolutions to issues.

                In terms of performance the sub & amp seem to be outputting [within reason] to spec. so I don't have an issue there.


                In the end anyone with a strong opinion on subs, politics, etc. will get their fair share of "enemies". It's our jobs as consumers to try to figure out the "signal to noise ratio" of forum posts and the like ....


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                  For those that read the posts over at AVS, you know that I am certainly not a pawn of Craigs....I even posted that I had some disagreement over the "economic" thread (Craig did the right thing, IMO and lifted the ban after 7 days) but that is totally separate from the excellent product and customer service I have gotten from Craig.

                  Look at the Kansas city shoot out thread, You can spend $4.5 K on 2 Submersives (and I am predicting here.....but I am willing to bet money) and it will not match what a little over $3K in Craigs' subs will do.


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                    Here is the latest PM I have gotten from our dear friend:

                    FPB: "OK, I see where this is going, what are you, 12? You can disagree all you want, you cannot repeat drivel about me on a public forum that was fed to you by Craig! If you want to call each other names then fine, I see you for the butt smooching, Craig loving sycophant toadie that you really are! Oh yeah, in keeping with your adolescent reply, "bite me, dickhead!"

                    Does this guy not understand what the jitsu means?


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                      Here is some food for thought ...

                      1. Lilgator was suspended for a total of 7 days here. At the outside, it was going to be 30 days suspension of someone I like.
                      2. Lilgator is permanently banned on AVS.
                      3. There is currently no one outside the porn style spammers who is permanantly banned here.
                      4. Anyone who disagrees with me about the forum rules is welcome to discuss it privately with me.

                      Is there anything we are doing here that warrants such ... negative behaviour as the PM's from FPB?

                      I mention this difference between suspension and banning because a forever ban is severe. A few days off to cool down is not.

                      I also mention this because this forum has to have SOME rules, but getting rid of anyone forever is not cool

                      Heck, even FPB is permitted to post here. Can anyone say with a straight face that any other forum owner would let him on his forum with the content of FPB's posts against the forum's owner being even a fraction of what he has done against CHT and its members?

                      Should FPB ever wish to be friends here, all he needs to do is ask. There will be no negatives. All he needs to do is be sincerely wish to be a part of the forum in a positive manner.


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                        what a tool...
                        Still think Craig is in the "Chase" for that sense of humour. :neener 1:


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                          Wow! That's some serious BS! I didn't know Gator had been banned at AVS! Gator's been 1 of the nicest guys I've ever known on any of the AV forums. Very helpful and knowledgeable and a real stand up guy. He was an individual such as myself who put up with alot of crap from various individuals over there mainly because he happened to like a certain sub alot (the MFW)! Instead of lowering himself to their level and childishness, he always from what I had seen, maintained a high level of respectfulness and always kept his cool. I always enjoyed reading his humorous and non aggressive posts about what makes the MFW such a great sub. He spent alot of time (or wasting, depending on how you look at it. :D) defending the MFW against a few certain individuals such as FPB, and I always admired how he kept his cool and never backed down from any of the haters AKA trolls etc, who have nothing better to do than to just try and annoy the hell out of people for liking a certain sub. Without knowing the story behind exactly what caused Gator to get banned, I can only assume that it was not deserved and that in reality, it was probably the guy who reported him to the mods is the 1 who REALLY should have been banned. :sigh:


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                            I miss Gator, too. He is a pretty cool dude.

                            Maybe he'll see fit to come back and join us.


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                              Dr Jitsu ... I just saw this post on AVS. Chris Kekow has a thread there, and I have been watching it to see if there is anything I can do to help Chris.

                              This is the post:

                              Originally posted by Dr Jitsu
                              It is probably more to do with other things, a case in point: Craig started a thread on the forum he owns about taxes...essentially criticizing the progressive tax system and its liberal proponents IE the Democrats. The title of the thread was "What concerns me most."

                              A member of his board, a guy who is a big proponent of Craig's subs (he owns 2 CHT18.T's) takes a hard liberal line and it is my understanding posted some links to Democratic oriented web sites. Craig bans him arguing that he is being excessively political.

                              All the posts get removed including mine (I am a Political Scientist on my day job) where I explain that separating economic issues from political is impossible, since politics is how we decide who gets what, when and how.

                              Craig then goes back and changes the title of the thread to "What concerns me the most about economics...not political..." LOL

                              Those that are familiar w/ web sites know that the ban against links is because they are usually a link to a product that competes with the products sold by said web site. As far as I know, the DNC is not selling subs and speakers

                              Don't get me wrong....I would buy Craigs subs all over again, they are great performers and an excellent bargain. He also provides excellent customer service. It should also be noted that Craig realized that the ban was unfair and the person was un-banned soon.

                              I view Craig as a generally good person who means well. I do see, however, why some people might get a bit upset.
                              A few things:

                              1. I never changed the thread title in the now locked thread. It was ALWAYS "What concerns me the most about economics - not political "

                              2. We have had a rule here about discussing politics since the forum opened. This is why I put it was about economics and not politics - ESPECIALLY political parties.

                              3. I deleted ALL links from the thread, including to conservative sites. It was not a liberal nor conservative purge. It was a political purge.

                              4. I did not ban Lil Gator for being too political, nor for disagreeing with me (which was an accusation you made earlier). I don't even know if he IS a liberal or conservative ... or a moderate. I asked him to stop posting links, and he refused. I then asked him to talk on the phone, which he refused. So I gave him a 30 days suspension with yet ANOTHER offer to talk on the phone.

                              I did not reinstate him because I thought the suspension was wrong. I reinstated it because I like the guy.

                              5. I never once mention democrats in the thread. Period. I just ran a search in the thread, and the word democrat does not appear once.

                              6. You state the thread was started about taxes. It was not. It was started about the growing number of people in the USA who are takers from the Federal Government, and not givers to the federal government.

                              In fact ... THIS is from the second line of the thread:
                              Taxes are not actually what scares me in the USA today.
                              I have also posted that if anyone disagrees with me to feel free to contact me directly.

                              And what do you do? You post a series of statements which just plain are not true. I cannot understand how you could POSSIBLY have read the thread and then post what you did. :(

                              Here is the thread in question.

                              Anyone is welcome to read what the thread actually states.