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2011 and beyond..Red White and Loud!

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  • 2011 and beyond..Red White and Loud!

    As we gear up towards the summer, I wanted to stop by and update everyone on what CHT is up to. Where we have been and where we are going.

    Come this summer, it will be around a year since we shipped our first beta subwoofer.
    We now have the SS-18.1, SS 18.2 and the VS 18.1 (Coming in May!) along with configurations in pairs.
    Our compact CS 10.2 is getting more exposure, with many happy customers, and will soon be replaced by an updated unit.

    We have a great full range loudspeaker in the SHO-10 and an extraordinary value in the WAF-3.

    In this short amount of time we have grown to offer a premium black finish and two fantastic wood veneer finishes. We have had one of our subs tested by the talented engineer Paul Appolonio and we have more tests sheduled soon. We had a great article in Don Lindich's "Sound Advice" syndicated newspaper column and countless glowing user reviews.

    Nor bad for a small business with about a half dozen team members in a years time eh?
    All done with parts made and assembled 90% in America!

    Choosing Eminence to manufacture our subwoofer drivers and Dayton Audio to supply our amplifiers has proven to be a great desicion. As I type this, there are over 275 18" drivers in stock at our Corry facility and over 700 drivers in total. We have plenty of Dayton amps. Most of our orders are shipping within 3-5 business days and are working to even improve that.

    And best of all, IF we ever run out of anything... we can get more stock right here in the USA with the wait being a matter of weeks not months. The track record of performance and reliability of these parts has been worth their weight in gold. The rare issues we have had with any of the amps (I believe about 6 out of several hundred had to be sent back?) have been resolved with lightning quickness.

    Our regional supplier for cabinets is doing great work and meeting our deadlines.
    They have worked with us in depth to get three finishes that we are extremely happy with and at a price that's still reasonable enough to offer the customer a great value without taking production out of the country.

    It has been a tremendous year with ups and downs. All in all I would say we did pretty good.
    But we are not satisfied with "pretty good". We are going to get better and better.

    Guys, you have not seen much of Craig on the forums because he has been furiously busy researching and designing new things for later this year and 2012. You are all going to be very excited and pleased to see some of the things that are in the works for the next year.
    Stay tuned...

    In the meantime, we have some great spring promotions going on.
    By popular demand we even created WAF-3 "packages" that can be ordered with one click with discounts on price and shipping.
    There are great deals to be had there, as well as still having a few of the B-stock SS-18.2s with the "Shiny spots" for a reduced price of $1195 plus shipping. I cannot imagine a more powerful great sounding subwoofer for that price anywhere, period.

    Hope everyone had a great Easter and looking forward to an exciting summer!


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    Very cool Jeremy. Thanks for the update on the happenings and goings on.
    Looking forward to seeing what you all have coming down the pike.:applause:



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      Hi guys - Jeremy, it's great to read your enthusiasm!

      Many of you know that there are all sorts of issues in the economy today, one of which is a shortage of resources, which is leading to problems for companies getting the needed drivers and other components required to sell product.

      We are fortunate in having a good amount of product in stock, and are constantly in touch with our OEM's in order to not only keep the pipeline moving, but also to work on QC.

      We had shipped yesterday, FINALLY, the VS-18.1 production model plus what we hope will be the SHO-6 production model.

      I told the OEM in this product that we would rather leave the enclosures for an extra week for curing the finish than to rush the units to us.

      They not only agreed, but are also "baking" the enclosures twice before shipping. I REALLY want to keep the Satin black finish rather than having to go to a rougher (but easier to do) finish.

      We will be updating on this (hopeful) final step in getting a satin black, durable, smooth finish on our products. Those who have SS-18.1's and SS-18.2's know what the finish is - and overall, are pretty happy with it. Any flaws you see are issues with transit, due to not quite letting the boxes "cure" long enough.

      If anyone has received a box with which he is unhappy (meaning SS-18.1 or 18.2), please drop me a PM.

      I also approved Paul Appolonio's further testing of the VS-18.1

      Paul has done extensive measurements on the driver, and provided a full battery of mechanical and electrical parameters on the unit.

      He overall was pleasantly surprised to find that the driver is very close to the specs from Eminence. For example Eminence specified that the Fs is 21.4 Hz, and he measured 19.4 Hz. Of course, this is with a well broken in driver, so we expected a lowering of the Fs.

      The next major testing here will be the VS-18.1 and SHO-6 in some serious listening tests - then to get samples of the new vented sub out to "Madaeel/Below90Hz" and Josh Ricci for their tests.

      I should have the VS-18.1 next week. I am having a third jaw surgery on Thursday, May 5, so next week will be a little tough on my being involved here.

      And no, I am not having my jaw sewn shut, regardless what the rumours are about this. :D


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        Hope you get better soon Craig.

        I love how music can brighten up a bad day.


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          Exciting times for CHT. A lot has been accomplished in a short amount of time. If any one knows anything about how difficult that really is (I do) in the business world when you are so dependent on relationships, deadlines, suppliers, OEM's, shippers etc. all working in synch one would really know Craig and team have performed spectacularly! Impressive indeed. Better yet they have stayed the course with world class customer service and transparency that FEW companies want to do and even less actually do.
          Current primary system

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          Silverscreen HD / Studio's (4)
          Chase CS/SS 18.2 (4) buttkickers (2)

          Video Runco RS1100 Projector
          Stewart Studiotek 130 125" screen

          Source Meridian / Sooloos Music Server
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            How can one reserve a VS-18.1? I can't promise I will get one but I'd certainly like to have the chance to own one early when they become available provided my funds are in order. Thanks, Wes


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              Engtaz - Thanks ! It's nothing TOO serious. Basically, I had an infection in my upper jaw behind a root canal from my mid 30's. The surgeons had to remove two teeth and do some bone grafts. It's been a process that started last September, and two more surgeries are needed.

              MYC52002 - Thanks for the kind words. You are the type of customer and friend that makes this worth doing.

              WesM228 - Call our toll free number and hit extension 105 for Jeremy and he will get you squared away. We do keep an "orders list", and there is a place in it for both reservations and confirmed orders.

              Next weekend looks good for testing out the VS-18.1, too. :)


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                Awesome! I cannot wait to see what is around the corner for Chase Home Theater and it's customers.

                I am hoping for a biwire Signature version of the SHO-6.


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                  Originally posted by tesseract
                  Awesome! I cannot wait to see what is around the corner for Chase Home Theater and it's customers.

                  I am hoping for a biwire Signature version of the SHO-6. :smoke1:
                  I like this idea ! We would then have the world's first biwire full range speaker ! :biglaugh:


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                    Originally posted by craigsub
                    I like this idea ! We would then have the world's first biwire full range speaker ! :biglaugh:
                    Yes! And it will also allow for bi-amp capability. Although I prefer that we do not use my amps for this. :no:

                    Seriously though guys, the SHO-6 is a really cool speaker, with a smooth, cohesive sound.


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                      I'm excited to see what CHT has in store for us in the upcoming months
                      -I live in Madison, WI (what a boring sig right? :))


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                        Guys - I should add that the SHO-6 I am getting this week is different than Husker's. He has the standard issue 6.5 inch full range from Dayton.

                        Ours is a custom version of the speaker ... longer throw, and only available here.

                        I will have a single unit, and have committed to ordering 100 drivers should this unit deliver the goods. It will replace the SHO-10 as the center channel in our theater system this week, as well as being used as the Left channel with Audyssey's help.

                        At 14x10x10 inches, it's enough smaller than a SHO/PRO-10 to fit in more decors. I am also working with our OEM on a grill solution.

                        I hope to have pics up by the weekend !!! :)


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                          Interesting about the driver's use as a center channel. I've read a few impressions of that full range driver on the PE forum, what benefits does the custom CHT version of that driver bring to the table?



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                            Fatcat - In plain English terms, the differences are as follows:

                            1. 6 mm X-Max vs. 4.6 in the standard unit. Ours will move as much air as the 8 inch version while retaining better off axis response.

                            2. A higher Fs. We intend on a monitor speaker crossed at 80 Hz. The cabinet is tuned to 72 Hz. The stock driver is natively tuned lower, at the expense of output above 70 Hz. For most theaters, the response above 70 Hz is much more important than is 50 Hz extension.

                            3. Ours will also have a unique look.


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                              I hope this SHO-6 works out to your liking....... 2- SHO-10's and SHO-6 LCR would fit nicely in my room. :)