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Hope everyone is ok!

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  • Hope everyone is ok!

    I haven't been around as much lately due to work, but man has it been a week for storms!

    Just tonight, I witnessed the most amazing hail storm I have ever seen in person. Unfortunately my truck, and to a lesser degree my car could have done without it. Considering the terrible storm related incidents of the last few weeks I cannot complain!

    Tonight I was at my weekly wood working event with some of my close friends. What we thought was heavy rain was much more. When we eventually went outside to see what was going on we saw nickel, then quarter size hail falling in sheets. This quickly turned into ping pong ball size and literally was shredding the leaves off of the 60 to 80 foot trees on my friends estate. This then turned to two inch diameter hail and continued for several more minutes. It was as if it snowed chopped up green leaves and small branches a couple inches thick:eek:

    I am only up this late posting to wait for the tornado warnings to lapse! I hope everyone is safe from what has been a brutal April, weather wise!
    Coach Pat Summitt - Folding at Home

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    I'm glad you are okay TThurman. I've only seen large hail once (up to ~1") when a storm came up as I was drivin ghome on Easter a few years ago. It cracked my windshield, did ~$4000 worth of damage to the car, and I thought I was going to go deaf sitting in the car while the storm lasted. The dent repair shops along with roofers and siding companies were doing great business for a tleast a year afterwards.

    It sure beats tornados, though. We had a watch last night, bu tthankfully the sirens didn't go off.


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      I was relieved when the final tornado warning was over!

      I discovered this morning that it is hard to take a picture of a hail dent in your vehicle. I managed to capture one on at the back of my extended cab roof.
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      Coach Pat Summitt - Folding at Home


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        Wow, that is serious hail.

        Yesterday was pretty scary in parts of Al, including where I live, in Bham. Click on this link to see the mother-of-all tornadoes. Started in Tuscaloosa and headed to Bham, and kept on going. Bad scene.