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Found a rock in my energy bar...

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  • Found a rock in my energy bar...

    ...and chipped my tooth!

    This morning while eating an energy bar, my teeth hit something hard, and I discovered a rock in the energy bar.

    Here's the message I sent to the company:


    First off, thank you for sponsoring the TEDxDavis conference. I attended the conference on Saturday, and got a chance to try the Brubar. I took one of each, and ate the original one on Saturday.

    This morning I was eating my Cherry Brubar in class and while chewing, my teeth hit something hard - it was a rock, about 0.75cm x 0.5cm. My back molar also chipped as a result of this.

    I did not finish consuming the Brubar, and have kept both the rock and the remainder of the bar. Can you please take a look into this, as well as advise me on what to do next?
    Just wondering - anyone have suggestions on what I should do? I'm mostly worried about the dental costs of getting the chipped tooth repaired - do you think this is something that the company would take care of? Waiting for the company to respond..

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    I chipped a front tooth on the playground in 6th grade and have had to have the chip repaired 2-3 times. It's a pretty easy procedure and shouldn't cost too much $$, particularly if you have dental insurance.

    So, I'd hope they would pick up the dental cost. Since it won't be too much, it would probalby be worth it on their part to ensure goodwill, even though you can't prove the rock was in their product. At the very least, hopfully they send you enough $$ worth of product to cover the dental cost.


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      Quick reply from the company! I'm meeting with their founder/president on campus this afternoon. We'll see how it goes!


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        Originally posted by blackzarg
        Quick reply from the company! I'm meeting with their founder/president on campus this afternoon. We'll see how it goes!
        Wow! That's pretty crazy. Make sure you bring your lawyer with you!!!!! :D


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          That is nuts. During grad school, my classmate found some bone in pizza rolls. It looked like a tooth or some other human origin.

          The company sent him a $50 gift certificate.....for more pizza rolls.!!!:doh! 1:

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            Resolved! With the exception of a visit to the dentist...

            The president said that they would cover all dental costs, and take a look at the rock and bar. Although, he seemed to think the rock was a cherry pit (which is a possibility...but it sure felt hard!) and said this was the third instance someone had found it (but the first time someone has actually bit it).

            Because of the frequency, he said they'll probably be discontinuing the flavor. The process that the fruit is processed is supposedly very natural, and they do everything themselves, and they can't think of a better way to get rid of the pits.

            Haha, and what type of pizza rolls had bones in it!? I guess pepperoni is a meat product...!


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              I've cracked a molar from bone found in hamburger. I found bone in vending machine ham and chicken sandwiches at work, in pizza toppings, you name it. I can't believe more people don't find the same, guess people don't chew their food very well. I find that crap all the time.

              Glad you got that taken care of with minimal fuss, Blackzarg. Excepting the dentist.


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                the president of the company got involved because he saw you as a threat imo. He took care of you for the same reason. His job is to make you feel as if he made a difference and is doing everything possible to make sure the situation doesn't happen again. He is protecting his product. He did a good job with you. If he changes his product line due to an isolated incident, I'd have to ask some questions of the gentleman whether or not that is the correct course of action before I could/would salute/coach the individual that handled your situation.

                FWIW, you shouldn't pay a dime and they should take care of you. Cut and dry.
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