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Spring sales promotions!

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  • Spring sales promotions!

    Spring sales promotions!

    We are clearing out some of our 2010 inventory and also offering some attractive package options for the spring!

    Complete 5.1 and 7.1 WAF-3 Systems on sale!
    5 WAF-3s and a CS 10.2 powered subwoofer $675 + $65 shipping and handling.
    7 WAF-3s and a CS 10.2 powered subwoofer $795 + $75 shipping and handling.


    Anyone who orders one of our closeout CS 18.T DUO series two (Two enclosures, one amp).. gets a free pair of WAF-1s while supplies last! $1225.00 plus shipping!

    Any 5.1 system with one of our 18" sub models and PRO/SHO 10
    speakers will include a free pair of WAF-3s for 7.1!

    This includes The SS 18.2, The SS 18.1 single or dual (SS 18.1T)
    and 5 of either our SHO-10 or Pro-10 monitors.

    (note the 10.2 and the CS 18.1 series two include the original satin black finish and the 10.2 enclosures are from our original run and do have a seam where the original qsc amplifiers were going to be installed. Check out our user reviews for some pics and impressions of these cabinets. At these prices they are a huge bang for the buck!)

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    WAF-3 promotion now has it's on page and you can select either 7.1 or 5.1 form the drop down menu!