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OK, I've started stopping!

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  • OK, I've started stopping!

    Set a stop date for smoking cigs 9/21 and so far, so good!!!
    Using the level 2 patch as help & the first 3 days were pure hell!!!
    But yesterday better & today even better!

    Now, I'm still gonna lite up a cigar every now and then - 2 a week? and anytime I'm on the course. But, not for another week or so. And, I'll be danged if I can't already smell things I haven't lately!:yes: And hopefully some "taste" will return too...I'm tired of having to "hot pepper" everything! Although I will anyway...:fryingpan:

    Chillin' w/ some good tunes in the "updated" room - waiting on SCAMPs of course - Steely Dan, Shelby Lynn & Chris Cornell sound sweet today! Am smoking a butt on the grill & about to watch a flick! Life is good!:goodvibes:

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    Congrats and good luck!


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      Congrats on the quitting too! I recently quit also after
      years of smoking. One site -
      is a helpful reminder, imo. Plug in how much you smoked
      and when you quit and it will send your reminders occasionally
      and tell you how much you saved by quiting -both in $$
      and in "health" returned. You may only get an email every two
      weeks or so -but it is rewarding to see your tallys increase.
      Good luck!
      PS> imo, the cigars have to go also -lol
      PPS> envious golfer here ......I don't play anymore
      cause I can't get in the 70's anymore .....but....hmmm....
      there still is that hole-in-one to accomplish -:jiggy:


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        Good luck. I quit :smoke1: 3 1/2 years ago. Just stopped after 30+ years. You have to want to quit & understandit is nothing more than a habit, nothing more. I don't believe in patches or gum. All those are, are another habit that will need to be broken. If you want to quit, you will. Make no mistake about it. :jiggy:


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          Might want to try a Neti Pot too, really clean the sinus cavity. Available at drug stores in the nasal section for like $15 bucks. I started using one last week every morning and my sinus feel cleaner and clear all day long. I'm not a cigarette smoker, just seem to have allergy problems and such.


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            Thanks guys!

            I am on quitnet. Been smoke free for 2 weeks + now!
            Used level 2 patch for first 10 days or so - then just nothing...
            Other than watching the AU game the other night, haven't had the "urge"...
            And haven't picked up a cigar yet - but likely will when I golf Thursday!
            Sorry, ain't giving up herfing!