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  • Data usage for mobile internet

    For their new network my mobile company offered me a new phone with a reduced price for the same package I have. So I got a basic smart phone for free. I've never had a smart phone and am kind of curious about getting a data package. I can get 50 megs for 5$. What can you do with 50 megs? My phone has a gps also, does that take much in the way of bandwidth (or whatever you call it)? I saw someone use a "look up a restaurant where you are". Does that take much? Yeah, total noob...:doh! 1:

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    I don't know how much data GPS takes by itself, but I wouldn't imagine much. I'm a pretty heavy internet user on my phone, although I don't stream much video. Between my wife and I we only use 300-500 MB per month, depending how much we use something like Pandora. If you were just using it for email, I would think 50 MB would be enough.


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      I'm just happy you asked about mb usage!
      I have Verizon and they do epic fails sometimes.

      Here is a great video related to kb usage, and Canada!

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        I found a calculator here.