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Well, this subForum died a bit!!!

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  • Well, this subForum died a bit!!!

    So, time for something new!
    My daughter made it (moved) to Miami last week.
    Of course, 1st week there she gets to experience a Hurricane (well, kinda)
    I think she was disappointed overall....

    And I can't stand the fact that she & roomy are slumming it here:

    Well, Dad's ("Pops" as she calls me) has to worry about something...
    So, it's the fact they are on the 32nd floor:nervous::eek: Gawd, I've seen too many movies!;)

    But, of course, they are loving it and she already starts work Monday here:
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    But she says she is looking for another/full time/day hours job too!
    She does have a good head on her shoulders - and realizes this is not all fun & a big vacation.
    Gonna make it down in early October to see just how bad they have it:biglaugh:

    And, I'm betting a Panache system will be just about perfect in their apartment!:huge: