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The North Face vs. Columbia

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  • The North Face vs. Columbia

    So..probably not the best place to post this, haha, but I figured a few of you guys live in snowy areas and might have some knowledge about this!

    How would you rate Columbia's build quality for snow jackets versus The North Face?

    I'm shopping the clearance deals right now, and TNF jackets seem to have a premium over the Columbia ones for similar models.

    The ones I'm looking at right now are the:
    Columbia Steep Slope Parka ($80)
    TNF Vortex Triclimate ($139)

    Is TNF worth double the price?

    Thanks a lot! This California weather n00b would really appreciate it =)

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    I haven't compared recently, but I used to do a lot of hiking/camping in the mountains.
    I've also snow camped in WI and MN, etc....

    Columbia has (in general) high value. Not as trendy.
    TNF makes quality gear, but it is now very common and trendy. When outdoor gear is preferred by soccer moms, I think the potential rigor of product development/value is lowered. I still own a lot of TNF, especially the TKA 100 pullovers.

    If brand isn't important, get Columbia.
    If brand/style is important, get TNF.

    I really like Mountain Hardwear -- getting trendier, but still a great brand.


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      With my move last year to Oregon I needed a nice rain jacket. It came down to what I liked sytle wise and how it fit which ended up being TNF. My wife bought a columbia one for the same reasons.


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        I would agree with Mike that North Face is just the more "in" jacket now.

        I usually go out to Colorado to ski ever other year, and far more are wearing that than Columbia.

        Columbia was the cool thing 10 years ago...just go with the better deal.

        On the other hand, I would recommend looking at any Merrill products on a sale rack at a Cabelas/Dicks/Scheels like sports store in your area. They really keep you warm.

        Pantagonia has awesome rain jacket style wind/rain jackets...a bit more pricey but worth it if you get hot easy.

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          Get the plug in for and start watching for something you like. They always have jackets and anything else you can ever think of on close out. They do it one item at a time and its atleast 40% off generealy 60+% off

          I 2nd the Mountain Hardware stuff is nice.
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            Thanks for the responses guys! I go to class and see a bunch of stuff.

            I ended up ordering both... the returns seemed easy enough (especially the Columbia Steep Slope from Kohl's). I'll let you know which one I keep!

            Also, thanks for the recommendation on Mountain Hardware. I have seen a few of their items on sale at good prices, but didn't know if it was quality stuff or not.