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  • vitamix 5200

    has anybody tried this product ?? it sure is very expensive but if it does what it is suppose to do then maybe it is worth it ??

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    We have one. Got it at Vita-mix's open house one year at their headquarters. It was a refurb so it was not full price. It was still near $300.

    If you use a blender regularly, than it is a great unit. Very powerful, indestructable Lexan container, laser-cut stainless steel mixing blades. We have made peanut butter, ice cream, soup, etc. with no problem. The specially designed blades create the friction while mixing to actually cook the soup! Ice cream takes about 30 seconds. At first I thought spending that much on a blender was insane, but my fiancee convinced me it was worth it. much like when I spend money on audio!:peekaboo:


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      exactly my thought.....its expensive for a blender......but if it is solidly made and does its function maybe its worth a try......costco carries it online......the full version is 649.00........