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  • tesseract
    While corner bass traps are popular, the Geddes or Welti theory can help knock down peaks, nulls and standing waves pretty good. A lot of people that go with three or four randomly placed subs have found that they need little to no EQ.

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  • tesseract
    I did 2" pyramid from eD behind the speakers and the listening position, doubled it up in key places. I use my furniture to absorb/reflect my first reflection points, for now. I have a weird room.

    This is before I became aware of the benefits of 4" OC703, rockwool and super chunk corner traps. My girlfriend gave me cash to get some panels, as I am undecided which company to go with right now. Great gal!

    I am looking at these guys.

    Order Direct - GIK Acoustics designs made-to-order bass traps, acoustic panels and acoustic diffusion for home theaters, recording studios, restaurants, listening rooms, auditoriums, and any environment where listening is critical. 5-Star Rated from +500 reviews for our acoustic treatment panels and acoustic room treatments. GIK Acoustics is known for its expert room acoustics advice and as a leader in producing the highest quality acoustic panels and sound panels at the most affordable price. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, GIK Acoustics creates the most effective sound absorbing panels and sound diffusers for commercial and residential applications, used in any space where sound clarity is important.

    Good info here, and panels if you want to spend for them.
    RealTraps - the acoustic treatment experts

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  • HuskerOmaha
    started a topic Room Treatment Opinions

    Room Treatment Opinions

    I like this forum because of the quick to the point feedback.

    Anyways...I've been reading the acoustical treatment master thread at avsforum.

    It appears for the HT room I should do the following

    1) Treat the screen wall.....

    2) Put in bass traps on the soffit/ceiling tricorners and any floor to ceiling corners where possible.


    EDIT: I'll probably hook it up and play with it for a while...but what did you guys do first to your room?