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    I like this forum because of the quick to the point feedback.

    Anyways...I've been reading the acoustical treatment master thread at avsforum.

    It appears for the HT room I should do the following

    1) Treat the screen wall.....

    2) Put in bass traps on the soffit/ceiling tricorners and any floor to ceiling corners where possible.


    EDIT: I'll probably hook it up and play with it for a while...but what did you guys do first to your room?

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    HO's Basement Take 2

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    I did 2" pyramid from eD behind the speakers and the listening position, doubled it up in key places. I use my furniture to absorb/reflect my first reflection points, for now. I have a weird room.

    This is before I became aware of the benefits of 4" OC703, rockwool and super chunk corner traps. My girlfriend gave me cash to get some panels, as I am undecided which company to go with right now. Great gal!

    I am looking at these guys.

    Good info here, and panels if you want to spend for them.


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      While corner bass traps are popular, the Geddes or Welti theory can help knock down peaks, nulls and standing waves pretty good. A lot of people that go with three or four randomly placed subs have found that they need little to no EQ.