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looking for knife sharpener...

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  • looking for knife sharpener...

    Should I find a local shop? Should I buy one of those electric knife sharpeners?

    We love our cutlery, but I just don't think to sharpen them very often and when I do I realize my wife's been using the equivalent of a lead pipe to cut things with for who knows how long.... :( (she doesn't want to "make a fuss" about it.. what a great lady, but still I feel terrible about it)

    okay-- question asked... let'er rip! I know there was one (or more??) great threads on the old av123 forum about this stuff, but now I'm actually in the market...

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    If you are willing to take the time, I've always loved the results from a Lansky sharpner. Otherwise take the blades to a local professional.



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      We just use something like this. There are many similar to this where you just basically draw the knife between fixed angle ceramic or carbide(?) sharpeners.

      It does the job: afterwards tomatoes are sliced not bludgeoned...


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        Chuck Norris sharpens knives between his toes.
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          I've had very good luck with these guys, and they also have the added benefit of being cheap! ;)

          Of course, I'm using it on medium priced knives, and not high end cutlery. If I'd made a significant investment I'd probably find a professional to take care of it.


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            Chuck Norris uses his finger nails as knives are too weak.