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TV for bedroom 26" or 32" $300-400

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  • TV for bedroom 26" or 32" $300-400

    Thinking of replacing the TV in the bedroom. Any recommendations out there and size wise I am thinking 32" after looking at them briefly in the store but will depend on price. I would rather keep it closer to $300 but we will see.

    Any suggestions on from what people have bought recently? I just started looking into this.

    VCR and a DVD player and OTA antenna would be hooked up to this device.

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    I'm a fan of Samsung. Excellent picture quality when it gets a good signal.

    Look for Black Friday sales, as I know you can find a Samsung 32" for ~330 on Black Friday. Many others will be on sale as well.

    Good luck!


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      A couple just looking quickly at costco -

      Samsung - $399
      32" LCD HDTV
      Resolution: 1366 x 768 Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 60,000:1 ConnectShare™ Movie
      Item # 932540

      VIZIO 32" - $339
      720p LCD HDTV
      Resolution: 1366 x 768
      Brightness: 450 nits
      Response Time: 8ms
      Item # 713232

      $349.99 after $40 OFF
      Panasonic 32"
      720p VIERA®
      X24 Series LCD HDTV
      VIERA Image Viewer™
      VIERA Link™
      2 Year Warranty
      Item # 988320

      I am thinking of like cyber Monday deals.


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        Here is a link the the TV deals for black friday.

        That link will get updated as more stores ads are placed on the site.


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          Anyone else have an opinion on this.....


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            What's a VCR?

            I have a Samsung and while I do agree it has a great picture I'd really have to consider other options after the capacitor issue and the issues with AMP not working. I am tempted to purchase Vizio models from now on and consider them throw away items after a few years.

            Of the three you list it would be difficult to pass on the Pansonic IMO.
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              The two things I read in regards to the Vizio were - slow at changing channels and volume issues with the sound. Though which TV has great sound anyways.

              I will probably be purchashing sometime this month.....still undecided and still need to go look around to see what I like.

              I guess another thing is I will be using an indoor antenna does one TV have a better built in tuner than the other?


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                I linked a couple on the "cyber monday" thread...

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                  Well from looking and reading I think it is between these two -

                  Panasonic TC-32LX24 and Samsung LN32C350D1D