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TV for bedroom 26" or 32" $300-400

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  • TV for bedroom 26" or 32" $300-400

    Thinking of replacing the TV in the bedroom. Any recommendations out there and size wise I am thinking 32" after looking at them briefly in the store but will depend on price. I would rather keep it closer to $300 but we will see.

    Any suggestions on from what people have bought recently? I just started looking into this.

    VCR and a DVD player and OTA antenna would be hooked up to this device.

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    I'm a fan of Samsung. Excellent picture quality when it gets a good signal.

    Look for Black Friday sales, as I know you can find a Samsung 32" for ~330 on Black Friday. Many others will be on sale as well.

    Good luck!


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      A couple just looking quickly at costco -

      Samsung - $399
      32" LCD HDTV
      Resolution: 1366 x 768 Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 60,000:1 ConnectShare™ Movie
      Item # 932540

      VIZIO 32" - $339
      720p LCD HDTV
      Resolution: 1366 x 768
      Brightness: 450 nits
      Response Time: 8ms
      Item # 713232

      $349.99 after $40 OFF
      Panasonic 32"
      720p VIERA®
      X24 Series LCD HDTV
      VIERA Image Viewer™
      VIERA Link™
      2 Year Warranty
      Item # 988320

      I am thinking of like cyber Monday deals.


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        Here is a link the the TV deals for black friday.

        Comprehensive coverage of Black Friday 2023. View all Black Friday 2023 Ads, Black Friday 2023 Deals and Sales Online

        That link will get updated as more stores ads are placed on the site.


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          Anyone else have an opinion on this.....


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            What's a VCR?

            I have a Samsung and while I do agree it has a great picture I'd really have to consider other options after the capacitor issue and the issues with AMP not working. I am tempted to purchase Vizio models from now on and consider them throw away items after a few years.

            Of the three you list it would be difficult to pass on the Pansonic IMO.
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              The two things I read in regards to the Vizio were - slow at changing channels and volume issues with the sound. Though which TV has great sound anyways.

              I will probably be purchashing sometime this month.....still undecided and still need to go look around to see what I like.

              I guess another thing is I will be using an indoor antenna does one TV have a better built in tuner than the other?


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                I linked a couple on the "cyber monday" thread...

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                  Well from looking and reading I think it is between these two -

                  Panasonic TC-32LX24 and Samsung LN32C350D1D