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    Just waiting for my girlfriend to get ready, and off we go. I am pretty stoked. :rock:

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    Originally posted by tesseract
    Just waiting for my girlfriend to get ready, and off we go. I am pretty stoked. :rock:
    My friend invited me to go in Minneapolis area tomorrow, but I can't make it.
    Have fun!

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      They did two shows in Montreal and I didn't even know they were coming.:duh:...

      Have a good one!


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        Thanks, guys. I would have never known myself, Django. I don't watch TV or listen to the radio much. A good friend bought the tickets and told me we are going. :boom:

        After the various intoxicants metabolize, I'll try to articulate the experience for you guys. Mind you, I am not a wordsmith on my best of days, but the show demands that I try. :smoke1:

        Meanwhile, those of you on the fence about this (I know I was, as are many, life gets in the way), just do it. If you love "The Wall", DO NOT miss this show... riveting and moving.


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          Wow Roger Water's knows where Lincoln Nebraska is? :poke:


          That's cool!

          It's a shame they couldn't stick together and do this like it should be but.....oh well.

          I wish they would clean up the movie and release a remastered version of it.
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            Originally posted by tesseract

            After the various intoxicants metabolize
            It seems to be taking a while..."thumbsup:


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              Interesting. Look forward to the DVD... I revere the original, and enjoy parts of the Berlin 'experience'.

              Waters was in the Portland (Or) area back in 2000 - Heard nothing of it at the time, can't believe I missed it. Probably have watched the concert footage 10 times... Amazing, would have loved to have been there!
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                Originally posted by django1
                It seems to be taking a while..."thumbsup:
                Sorry, I work nights and am still recovering a bit. I did manage to make it through the shift. :dizzy:


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                  David Gilmore did or is doing a show in vegas


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                    Originally posted by tthurman
                    Wow Roger Water's knows where Lincoln Nebraska is? :poke:
                    Yes, and he came to see ME. So I kinda felt obligated to go. :dancer: :D


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                      Oct. 26th Omaha, NE:

                      I am a fairly jaded concert goer. One of the best concerts I have ever attended, on par with Reznor's NIN production wise. Exceeded my expectations. My girlfriend and I sat in the center of the nosebleed section with our "backs to the wall". No matter, the show was fantastic. We spent over $300 on tickets, 4 t-shirts, and drinks, and it was well worth it. Highly recommended, see it if you can.

                      The show starts with Waters donning the "facist" outfit, setting the tone for "The Show". Next, "The Thin Ice" is performed while pictures of war casualties from wars since WWII are displayed on the stage center screen. Each picture then becomes a brick in the wall and the next picture is shown. The partially constructed wall stretches across the stage, from one end of the auditorium to the other. By songs end, the wall consists of many faces.

                      Then later, jabs are taken at government, big oil (Shell), commercialization (Apple), religion. Local kids were brought in for "Another Brick in the Wall part II", that was really cool. Teacher and Wife puppets were fun. The wall is built brick by brick as the show progresses. By the end of Side 1, "Goodbye Cruel World", the wall is completed, the band is hidden, and we are ready for Side 2. Intermission.

                      You want more? Go see the show or browse the web. I really hope they make a DVD of this.

                      BEST live amplified sound I have ever heard, by far. Nothing like you will get at home, no soundstage, no imaging, but nice and smooth FR, pants flapping bass. The volume was just right. I like sitting in the back for this reason... people SIT DOWN and enjoy the show, no standing trying to see around bobbing heads.


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                        Additional reviews.


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                          Am I the only one here who has seen this? :saywhat:


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                            Well, since there are only six of 'us' (I don't count), I guess so.
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                              Originally posted by spl_nut
                              Well, since there are only six of 'us' (I don't count), I guess so.
                              You count more so, Floyd dude, WTH? :neener: I agree with you, hope they put out a DVD or Blu-Ray of this show.