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Help request: basics of digital transport?

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  • Help request: basics of digital transport?

    Hello all,
    You've helped me out in the past here so I was hoping to hit everyone up for some advice now. After a long time I finally got my home theater set up complete. It works great, sounds great, looks great, and now has been taken over by my wife for tv watching purposes......

    As I'm discovering I have a limited tolerance for Project Runway, I've now retreated to my den and am setting up another sound system. I picked up a pair of WAF-1s, a gizmo, and I have a older powered 10" polk sub sitting around so I'm mostly set on the hardware now. The question becomes: How do I get music to this thing?

    I was going to just pick up a cheap cd player and hook it in, but I'm now really trying to get a handle on digital audio. I have a computer running windows 7 and a wireless router, assorted usb drives full of mp3s and WMAs, cds, and an Iphone. I just have no clue what would be the most efficient way of getting the music to the speakers.

    Mostly what I'm looking for is a way to stream my assorted ripped music as well as internet radio and pandora to these speakers. Is something like a logitech squeezebox wifi internet radio and wireless music player the best way to do it? Is there anything else that you all would recommend or any better way to do this?

    Thanks for the help all, I'm just way out of my league with the digital aspect of this.

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    A Squeezebox Touch would be my recommendation. Another option would be a Roku.


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      Squeezebox touch would be good. I have the SB3 going to an external DAC and am really happy with it. Unfortunately logitech has dropped the classic (same as SB3) and now the cheapest model is the touch. You can also get iPeng an iPhone amp to control the touch with your iPhone.


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        I will third the Squeezebox Touch. Have a SB Duet running now and the Touch should arrive tomorrow.

        The SB Touch is supposed to have better sound quality than the Duet. It will also playback HiRez audio files up to the 24bit/96KHz rate.
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