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The best commercial you never saw

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  • The best commercial you never saw

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    And I thought the REAL commercials were suggestive and funny....

    Along those lines, I found this particularly amusing:
    Angel City Audio
    East Street Audio

    ACA, Melody, Onix, NuForce, KR Audio


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      Basically it's a robe that goes on backwards haha..

      The flashlight part was good, too.

      I think most people with a sense of humor (*humour for the Canadians or..MLS) thought the same thing about the shakeweight..and generally too, the Snuggie or whatever its called.

      I've been watching Whose Line Is It Anyway hoedowns for the last couple of
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      -Bill Watterson


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        Only the Danish could get away with something like this (but how great would it be to see Amazon do commercials like this). Danish ecommerce site Fleggaard recently made the commercial below. I don't know if it was shown on Danish television (I'm trying to find out), but I wouldn't be surprised. It most definitely contains nudity and is NSFW. I think it would be just as good without the exposed breasts, though. If you don't watch it, the highlight is that dozens of topless Danish women link hands during a skydive to advertise a Siemens washing machine for 4,999.00 DKK, or about $900. It doesn't seem like such a great price, but I'll buy one anyway if they deliver to California.


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          That's a good one too!
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