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Help me value my desktop PC?

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  • Help me value my desktop PC?

    I haven't had it very long (maybe a year and a half), but I'm pondering selling my Dell desktop and need help with the value. It's still a very fast machine.

    Dell XPS 630 Workstation
    Intel Core2 E8400 (3.0 GHz, 1333FSB), dual core, 6MB cache
    8GB DDR2 @ 800MHz (4x2GB)
    Nvidia GeForce 9800GT
    Dell 2407WFP Ultrasharp 24" display
    500GB SATA 7200rpm HDD, 16MB cache
    48x Combo CD drive
    16x DVD+/-RW drive
    Windows 7 pre-loaded w/ retail disc/package included
    Keyboard, mouse, etc.

    I know I'm going to lose money on it. But the question is, how much. :crazy:


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    The monitor makes it difficult.

    I built pretty much the same machine almost two years ago for $850 less the OS and monitor.

    Edit: A quick check and it appears most of the prices (on still available items) I paid are similar today except the 1066 memory. I would check ebay for similar machines and see what they are going for and do the same for the monitor separately.
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