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    Pretty cool clock. Obviously there is no way to be certain of the accuracy but it's a cool concept albeit somewhat depressing at the same time.
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    Very interesting.
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      Interesting, but sobering stuff. Illness was the worst section for me. Makes you realize just how lucky having good health is.


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        I also find this interesting, but at the same time a bit disturbing.
        I think the population "growth" vs deaths got to me a bit.
        I find it a bit hard to look at.
        One word that came to my mind was "inevitable"
        whilst perusing it.
        PS> I wouldn't want this as my desktop wallpaper - I also found it depressing!


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          Very interesting; I didn't realize the Earth's population was that high over 6 billion yet. Or that the world eats that much duck.


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            I don't find it depressing even though a great number of the deaths and diseases could be cheaply and easily avoided if there was a will for it.


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              I agree, lots of good info can be found in that one place. Yes, some of it is morbid but it's what makes the world the wonderful place that it is.

              Very worthy of sharing and bookmarking. "thumbsup: